Christmas Cards!!!

The Christmas cards I ordered from Shutterfly came in today! Yay!!
And I love them!!! I especially love that I received 10 Christmas cards for $6.20! Yeah, I got 10 cards for FREE and just had to pay shipping!
I love the specials online stores have around Christmas time!!!
Honestly, I wasn’t even really planning on sending cards out, but I found the special at Shutterfly and couldn’t resist! Granted, I only have 10, but that’ll cover the ones we’ve received as well as a few for special family and friends.
So here they are!!! What do you think??
Shutterfly was totally right! I was stoked to see that bright orange package in the mail!!! (In they’re shipping e-mail they say, “Exciting news: A bright-orange Shutterfly package is on its way, with unbelievable memories inside.”
 And in that bright orange package are 10 perfectly personalized Christmas cards with crisp white envelopes!!!
Here is the front of our cards! I chose the Snow Flurries Cocoa folding cards. Folding because then they can hang over those nifty Christmas card holders everyone seems to have these days! And the Snow Flurries in Cocoa simply because I liked the style…. And I got to use THREE pictures! 🙂
I used three of my favorite engagement pictures. They were taken by Karen at Treehouse Photography who did an amazing job!! I keep finding uses for them because I love them SO much!!

This is the inside of the card. Apologies for the blur… It reads,
“And a Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!
Always, Nate & Kassi”
Yeah, I wrote that… I know. I’m a poet. 😉

As soon as I got the package I realized I was getting low in the stamp department… So I ran out to the local USPS and purchased some cheery Holiday Evergreens stamps! Aren’t they festive?!?! 
So now I can’t wait to get my address book and send out our Christmas cards. Our very FIRST Christmas cards as a couple by the way!!! Exciting right?!?! Well… It is to me! 😉
AND FYI, Shutterfly did an amazing job on the printing, and the shipping!
The cards weren’t even scheduled to be here for another two days!
(I’m late… I know… First time, give me a break! 🙂
So go check them out! Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a super deal like I did!
Merry Christmas!!!

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