Thank you!

Just want to say thanks to Amy at the Idea Room for adding our link to her Reader’s Sites for a little free advertising!!! So, THANKS MISS AMY!!! We’re so glad we got in on the offer to be listed!!!
Check out Amy’s blog Here!!
She’s currently selling these SUPER cute pendants from her Etsy Shop! She has CTR pendants, but you can also special order initial pendants, etc. So go check em out! Tell her Kassi @ Truly Lovely sent you! 


  1. Hey ,Thanks for visiting my blog. What fun to get on Amy's blog! I love your blog. Good luck on getting it to grow.

  2. Silly question, but what does ctr stand for??Thanks for visiting me!Ang xxx

  3. Thanks Kallee! Same to you!!!Angela, CTR stands for Choose the Right. It's associated with the LDS/Mormon religion. Not a silly question at all!!!