Project: Do Me – Kassi Style #2

It’s Wednesday! Time for an update on my Project: Do Me List

The updates are in parenthesis…


1. Read! A book chapter or at least one magazine article
(I’ve been reading a chapter every evening from ‘One for the Money’ the first book in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonovich. My sister-in-law bought me the first three for Christmas… So far so good!)


2. At least 10 minutes of exercise
(Nope. Have NOT been doing this one. I need a better plan… Something specific to do or something…)
3. Log my calories and exercise on My Fitness Pal
(This one varies… Some days I do… some I don’t. I did just get a Droid X though… And the first app I downloaded? My Fitness Pal! It’s free and links to your online account when you log in! Hoping that will help with doing it everyday!)
4. Be in bed by 10pm
(Done! Everyday. This one isn’t that hard… All my fave shows end by 10pm, so I just watch those last ones, from 9-10 already in bed, turn off the tube and go to sleep!)
This Week
1. Prepare and file taxes
(Almost… I have them almost completely done… Just need to review mainly then file…)
2. Finish and send one handmade gift
(Done!! I even went so far as to do two!!! Two sets of handmade personalized coasters! That means I’ve only got three more left on my list now. )

Photobucket Photobucket

3. Have lunch with a friend once a week
(I had lunch with my fiance on Monday. So that counts for this week!)

This Month
1. Use my gift certificate to redesign Truly Lovely
(Completed the order form and she said she’d have something to me to look over, hopefully by Friday!!! SO EXCITED!!! I’m also getting buttons made with another freebie that I won!!)

2. Organize a get together with my bridesmaids
(We’re aiming for one of the first two weekends in March… Other than that… need to get on this one!)
3. Decide and order wedding flowers
(Not done… But I still have the rest of the month!)

This Year
1. Mark off 5 of my 30 before 30

Do you have a project do me list??? Share the link and I’ll be sure to check it out and share lots of encouragement! 😉


  1. I love it Kassi!!! Those coasters are super cute — and ouch with the Taxes thats always a struggle for me each year! I'm so happy to see you crossing things off your list like getting in bed earlier. Can't wait to see your blog re-design 🙂 🙂

  2. Jennifer Juniper says:

    I just got finished with my deductions for my hubs to do the taxes today! We need the cash since we're finishing our basement!

  3. I really need to make a do me list, well actually write down that do me list that's in my head. Maybe being able to actually see it and mark things off would motivate me some.
    I've got to get my tax stuff done, ugh buts it's such a pain to do…
    Oh and for the exercise thing, I found a great link in The Whole FamDamily's post today that I'm going to start tomorrow, maybe..
    Sneakers and a Smile