AWESOME NEWS!!! And Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

I cannot even explain how EXCITED I am to share some AWESOME news with you all today!!!
Guess who the guest poster is, this weekend, over on the famous
Tatertots & Jello!?!?!
Tatertots and Jello
Yep!!! That’d be ME!!!
I’m sharing my Bride Bag tutorial over there!
Hope you’ll pop over and leave some comment love!!
I really wanna look good on this one!
Jen (of TT&J) is like a celebrity in my world!

Jen and her beautiful family
  She was the first blogger that I payed attention to… and then the first blogger to answer my e-mail cries for help when we started Truly Lovely!
I kinda wanna be Jen, well like Jen, when I grow up… haha!
So thank you to Jen who let me share my tutorial on her lovely blog, as well as for the lovely spotlight she did of our little Truly Lovely!! 🙂
In other Truly Lovely news…
Little miss Corryn (our neice) is 2 years old today!!
Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
We love you!!
Corryn at Christmas… Isn’t she a doll!!!


  1. *Andrea* says:

    SHUT UP!!!!! this is my dream to guest post over at TT&J!!!!! yeahhhh CONGRATS!!! going to leave a sweet comment NOW!!

  2. AliLilly says:

    WHOA!!!! You, my lady are THE BOMB!!! I'm so freaking happy for you!! That just ROCKS!!! AND Happy Birthday to your beautiful lil niece Corryn!! 🙂