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She has a fun kids craft to share with you all today!
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Here’s Melissa…

A blog? How cool! I want to start one! Hmmm… what shall I write about?

My crazy and exciting life!

And BAM! Just like that MeloMomma was born.

Hi, I am Melissa. Author of, MeloMomma. As a mother of two young boys, life can get a bit harry at times which makes for some really awesome blog posts. However, not only do I share with you all my crazy and hilarious stories, but I share steps by step craft tutorials (all kid friendly), and top notch kid friendly recipes.

Today thanks to Kassi at Truly Lovely, I am sharing a very easy and kid friendly craft.


What you will need:

Plaster of paris

Construction paper (2 different colors)

Popsicle sticks




Container for mixing

Container for flower

Mix 1 cup of plaster of paris and 1 cup of water in a container. (this container will be trash after mixing the plaster; I recommend mixing it in an empty veggi can) Use a popsicle stick or an old baby spoon to stir.

Pour mixture into play dough container or veggi can of choice. Allow it to start hardening while you make your I Love You Flower.

Glue two popsicle sticks together.

Lightly coat one piece of paper with glue.

Lay the other piece of paper on top of it.

Trace your hand and cut it out.

Glue down the middle two fingers.

Glue the hand onto the popsicle stick.

Cut out 2 leaves.

Glue onto the popsicle stick.

Place the finished flower into the plaster mixture.

Prop it up if needed until mixture is completely hardened.

I can not thank you enough for having me Kassi!

Thanks for being this week’s Bloggie Bestie Melissa!!
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  1. AliLilly says:

    HEY!! This is really cute!! I'm gonna have to make one with Alie! 🙂