Guest Post: All About Us

Hey lovelies!!
Let’s give a warm welcome to our SUPRISE Guest Poster,
Miss Alisha of All About Us!

All About Us

Over at their blog, her and hubs, Tommy, share some AWESOME tutorials, tips and tricks for using blogger, so who better than to share a tip with all of us?
I asked and Alisha said YES!

*It helps that she’s actually one of my few “real life” blogging friends…
Even though I haven’t seen her in a very long time… ahem …*

So… SEVERAL of our followers here happen to be the dreaded…
*dun, dun, dun*
“No-comment bloggers
So Miss Alisha is going to share with you all how to go about fixing that, so that when you comment on Truly Lovely, or anywhere else for that matter, we can reply to your comment via email so that nobody feels left out or forgotten… Something that happens when you are a…
*dun, dun, dun*
“No-comment blogger”
We still love you though…

We just want to be able to comment back!!! 🙂

So… Here’s Alisha…

Hey All!
My name is Alisha and I am from the blog All About Us.
Over at my blog, we do quite a few tutorials on how to improve your blog, technically and aesthetically. 
There are so many things about blogger, it’s hard to know them all!
Today, Kassi asked me to share a tutorial on how to attach your email address to your comments.
This will allow the author of a blog to reply directly to your email when you post a comment. 
It’s super easy!

Step One:
Log on to and select Edit Profile.

Step Two:
Under Privacy, select the box that says, “show my email address” then scroll to the bottom and click “save.”

That’s it! Easy, right?!
This is not a feature that is automatically selected by blogger in case the user doesn’t want their email shared.
It is, however, a very convenient tool to use when you want to respond to someone directly without sharing with everyone.

Hope this helps you out!

Thanks Kassi for having me!
There you go friends!!
Hope you’ll follow Alisha’s quick and easy steps so that we can respond to all of your lovely comments!!
THANKS so much to ALISHA for sharing this tip with us!!
Have a great day all!


  1. thanks for sharing this post! nothing is worse than you want to respond to someone's comment and can't.

    hopefully now people will catch on and join the email train ♥

  2. Thanks for the tutorial… it really was easy to do!

  3. This is a great post! Another important thing for me with comments was setting up my account to email me when someone left a message. At first I thought that was only set up when you needed to approve a comment but silly me! Now, I love being able to just reply to the comment within email and keep in contact that way.