Poker Card Tile Coasters

Today is my sweet friend, Kayce’s birthday!!
I wanted to make a fun gift for her that she would enjoy, and would also be inexpensive. We’re about to close on our new house!! YAY! But that means there’s not any a whole lot of extra money floating around for birthday gifts….
Anyway… Miss Kayce is a Poker playing fool!
I know the idea of tile coasters isn’t new…
Remember these Tile Coasters that I made for some friends using my Silhouette??
I put a new spin on them for my poker playing friend!!!
Luckily, I already had everything in my craft stash…
So really it didn’t cost my anything… πŸ™‚
But if I had gone out and bought the supplies just for this project…

They would’ve cost LESS than $5 to make!!
The materials needed for this project are:
1 Sheet of black scrapbook paper
Deck of playing cards ($0.99 new)
Four tiles (I got mine at Home Depot, ($0.14 apiece)
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Mod Podge Spray Sealant
1 Sheet of Felt
Glue Gun
I cut four black squares out of the scrapbook paper and Mod Podged them to the tops of the four tiles. Then I chose a few cards from the deck of playing cards and Mod Podged those on top of the black paper.
Then I sprayed a couple layers of the sealant on top!
Finally I cut four squares out of the piece of felt and hot glued them to the back of each of the four tiles to create a soft surface so that they won’t scratch my friend’s table!! πŸ™‚
There you have it!
An inexpensive, but SUPER fun gift for a Poker playing lady!!
Me and Kayce in South Padre, Texas πŸ™‚
These would make a GREAT addition to your guy’s poker night table too!
No more glass stains on your table…
But the guys don’t have to use girlie coasters either! Win win! πŸ™‚
I’m linking these Poker Card Tile Coasters to the
$5 Challenge at The CSI Project!
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  1. I love them! My father-in-law would love them! I'm going to have to try them for a Christmas present! Thanks so much for the idea. Have a great weekend! β™₯ BJ

  2. Life, Crafts and Whatever says:

    Those are awesome! What a thoughtful gift! Seriously, they look so professional.

  3. Ladybird Ln says:

    How fun! My sister lives in vegas, and I think she would get a hoot out of these! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Time4Mommy says:

    Very cute! Such a sweet gift. Found your blog via MeloMamma's blog hop πŸ™‚

  5. Danielle says:

    Those are really cool, my bf would LOVE those; he loves poker!

    Blog hopping! I'm your new follower and would love a follow back! Thanks!

  6. Kerry says:

    Very creative.

    Blog Hop from Mom's Club. Following you now.


  7. Rhinestone Beagle says:

    Thank you so much for linking to the beagle. We are loving the handmade coasters. I really want to host domino night now and show off these bad boys! Keep the creativity comming.

  8. Oh…. I love these. So crafty! Hand made gifts really are the the best.

  9. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Those would have been great back when my husband was hosting poker every Sunday night. Now he is too old and poor to play. πŸ˜‰

  10. TexaGermaNadian says:

    WHat a great idea, and too easy! Ya'll look like you are having a great time down there in South Padre πŸ™‚ Always a good time there, haha.
    Thanks for linking up to the hop I hosted this weekend. Hope you had a good one!

  11. Cards Pinochle.. Amazing..

  12. Naturally Me Creations says:

    Using those playing cards was a cute idea! πŸ™‚

    Tnx so much for stopping by to link this up at my party!

  13. To Sew With Love says:

    thanks for linking up, Kassi girl! will be doing a shout out for you today! ^^)