Truly Lovely Sponsors

Hello all!!!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not…
But the buttons in the Truly Lovely Sponsors Section
Over there…
Have increased over the last couple of days.
The reason?
I am offering a Sponsor special over at
For the Love of Blogs for the month of March!!
You can check out their mention of my special here
But of course, I want to offer it to my lovely readers as well!!!
So here it is… And guess what… It’s FREE!!!!
Truly Lovely March Offer
FREE – Button swap!. Give me yours, I’ll give you mine! Your button will be posted in the tippy top left hand spot on my sidebar under Truly Lovely Sponsors. All it costs is displaying my button on your blog this month as well. Contact:

If you’d like to swap buttons, just shoot us an email!!! 🙂
Your button will be in the sponsors section for the month of March!
Those are rotated every couple of days, so everyone gets the same exposure!
I also plan on doing a Sponsors post sometime soon, sharing a little bit about each one of our lovely sponsors! 🙂
Until then… Stay lovely!