Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Kym of Travel Babbles

Good morning lovelies!!!
We have a very special Bloggie Bestie to introduce you to today…
The FABULOUS Miss Kym of Travel Babbles!!!
Travel Babbles: Living the (hockey) Life
She has been a Bloggie Bestie for a LONG time… i.e. pretty much since the beginning of this little blog!
She is also a bride to be in the midst of planning her wedding…
A hockey fiance… Granted, that’s nothing like team roping… But I feel we’re kindred spirits following our guys around for the sports they love… heehee. 🙂 And just an absolute sweetheart!!!
Also, before I hand it over to Kym…
You can see my Guest Post on her blog here. 🙂
Here’s Kym!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Kym and I am the author of Travel Babbles: Living the {hockey} Life. I am awfully excited to be participating here as a “Bloggie Bestie,” and I find it quite fitting since Kassi has been one of my Bloggie Besties since I first started writing eight months ago :o)

For those of you who haven’t been to my blog before – you will find a plethora of fun topics. From inspiration boards and wedding planning, to recipes, fashion, book and makeup reviews, and just a little bit of hockey here and there. 

Yes, hockey. I don’t have a favorite team, and I’m not even a big fan of the sport – but my fiancé is a professional hockey player. While his career absolutely does not define me {to learn more about me click HERE}, most people think that his job limits what I can publish on my blog. This is {almost} totally not true. The fusband only has two requests in regards to my blog: 1.} Never write anything that would prohibit him from finding a job in the future, and 2.} Don’t post anything I’m making for the wedding. The first request is self explanatory  The second request is because many of our family and friends read my blog daily, and he doesn’t want all of my DIY finds given away before the big day. I guess he just wants to keep some things exciting. Who knew he cared? :o)

So – I’m not breaking the rules, I’m simply bending them. TJ said that I can’t post ideas on my own blog, but he never said anything about having Kassi post them on Truly Lovely, right 😉 So, without further adou, here are a few of the fun finds that I plan on incorporating into our big day on July 7th, 2012.

Lace Votive Holders

Faux Peony Bridal Bouquets

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Donating to the English Bulldog Club of America in lieu of wedding favors
English Bulldog Place Card- set of 30

Birdcage Centerpieces

The Grooms Survival Kit
Picture of The Groom's Survival Kit

I’ve been bursting at the seams excited to share these fabulous ideas with someone, anyone, in Blogland, and I look forward to hearing any feedback that you Lovely followers have to say!

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Thanks Kym!!! She has some fantastic ideas, right?!?
Please lovelies, share your thoughts on her plans… Because like she said, she can’t post it on her blog for comments…
So show her some Truly Lovely love!! 😉

So… I LOVE the poms idea… I’m actually doing that myself.
Kym, hit me up if you want a place to order CHEAP tissue paper! 😉

And the bull dog donation… LOVE IT!!! (She has the cutest bull dog, Brutus!!)

Thanks again Kym, for swapping with me and for being this week’s Bloggie Bestie!!!


  1. Thanks Kass!!! Yes, I would love to know where to score some cheap tissue paper! I was just gonna hit up Wallymart but I'm sure you have something fabulous up your sleeve!!!!!!!

  2. I love the pom poms! Also in love with the bulldog donation! We just got a puppy english bulldog and she is about 9months-they are so fun!