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Howdy there Truly Lovely Readers! My name is Teresa and I am the author of Creative Cowgirl. I am super excited to be a Bloggie Bestie here at Truly Lovely. I love all sorts of crafts from scrapbooking, to paper crafting to sewing.
You can read more about me and my blog by clicking on my blog button.
I live on a 40 acre ranch in the the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. We have all sorts of animals from horses, to goats, to chickens and ducks. All these animals leave us with lots of these bags laying around. I hate throwing them away so I decided I could “up-cycle” them into something I could use… Shopping Bags!
Start with a standard feed bag. The best ones to use are made of woven plastic.
Next you need to cut the top and the bottom off of the bag. Leave about 3” of space on the bottom from your image you want on the front of the bag for it to fold underneath. Also, leave about 1-2” above the front image for the top seam.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos
Now turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom of the bag. It is best to use a smaller stitch and sew it twice for durability.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos1
Now push out the sides of the bag opposite of the sewn edges. Fold it on top of itself so it forms a triangle.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos2
Now measure 3 inches from the point and sew in a straight line from edge to edge. Repeat on the other corner. Now turn the bag right side out again and push the edges out. It will create a bottom that is similar to paper bags.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos3
Now it has a square bottom to it.
Now for the handles…take the strip that you cut off the top of the bag and cut it so it is a long strip. Now fold it over, in half, and cut it so you have two pieces of the same length.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos4
Now measure in 4” from the straight edge. You will now have two handles four inches wide.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos5
Then fold the edges in about 1/2” and pin. Do this for both sides of the handle. Then fold it over on itself and pin it with the same pins. You should have a handle about 1 1/2” wide. Repeat with the second handle.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos6
Sew down both sides of the handle and repeat with the second handle.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos7
Go back to your bag and fold the top edge down about an inch. Pin it to hold it and then sew around the inside of the bag. This will create a nice edge.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos8
Now pin the handles to the inside of the bag. Be sure that they are equal distance from the center. Then sew them in place by sewing a square and then a “x” to make it sturdy.
Recycled Fee Bag Photoshop Photos9
Now you have an adorable bag for grocery shopping, taking to the park or even to pick up for supplies from the feed store!
Thank you so much for having me here today! I would love if you scooted on over to Creative Cowgirl to say, “Howdy!” and if you like what you see I would love if you followed along!
– Teresa @ The Creative Cowgirl
A very HUGE thank you to Teresa for blog swapping with us today and sharing her super fun Feed Bag Shopping Bag tutorial!! We love it!!!
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  1. Howdy~Super cute upcycled bag!! Heading over to see what this Creative Cowgirl is all about. :)~Christina~Drop By The Tattered Tag

  2. Looks cool! Great idea!

  3. Wow this is super cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Great idea!!

  5. Do you think the bag is paintable? I have several dog food bags that would be perfect for this project, but I don't love the design on the front.I have a hunch that the Rustoleum spray paint for plastics would do the trick, but I thought I'd ask you first.

  6. Teresa, AMAZING:)!! Thank you for showing me a way to use up all of my chicken feed bags:)!! I also noticed you too have a baby lock sewing machine. My babylock is an Ellure she is old but going strong. I do heart this wonderful machine. Can’t wait to see more of your creative tutorials.