Clean Carpets and a Request


  1. Hey! I am a carpet celaning fanatic, too! I have hired someone a couple of time, and they NEVER clean it well enough. The stains always ome back in a few days! If the house has any smoke or pet odors, vinegar and water works well in the steamer. Also, the toothbrush (or any other little scrubbing brush) will become your best friend on little stains! If you any white trim, a little borax and hot water works wonders! I also love my little shark steam mop! It dries almost instantly!

  2. I bought the bright (& pretty:)) pink Pine-Sol last week and I LOVEEE it! I usually never use PineSol. It smells wonderful and I have used it for cleaning and mopping and it works really well! Oooh,another thing I have used in my carpet cleaner for a nice smell is just a tiny bit of liquid fabric softener mixed with water. It smells SO wonderful! I love the WalMt brand cleaner, too! I am VERY cheap! That stuff gets expensive!


  1. […] and drawers in the kitchen so that they would be easy to clean and look nice. Also, as I have mentioned before, our house was lived in before we bought it, and wiping everything down, then lining it all made me […]