An Explanation and some New Faces!

Happy Monday Lovelies!!! I know you’re expecting some AWESOME features from Fancy This Fridays… and they’re coming… A little later… But right now I have some explaining and introducing I’d like to do! 😉 So right now we are living in limbo… (By WE I mean me and my fiance… FYI)We officially spent our first night at our new house last night!! :)We don’t have everything moved still… but it’s in the works. We didn’t have ANY lights in the master bedroom last night because we need to purchase light fixtures… I’m thinking a nice ceiling fan/light combo like this…  


But we did get the bed in there. And a dresser. ;)It was interesting getting ready for bed by the light of the master bathroom… haha!

 By living in limbo I mean we’re probably going to stay at the old house tonight… Unless we just get super excited and bring another load back.  Currently, the old house is about 45 minutes from the new house… Which I’m SUPER excited not to have to drive everyday to get to work and back! But is a bit of a drive right now as far as moving is concerned… i.e. one load at a time…My fiance and I both work in our new town… and so moving has been a fit-it-in-when-we-can kind of deal. With Mother’s Day this last weekend (we went home to see my mom) and a wedding party this coming weekend, we’re moving as fast as we can AFTER FIVE and before bedtime
So… I shared all that by means of explaining why there hasn’t been a lot of lovely craftiness going on around here lately… And also why there won’t be any lovely crafty posts for a short while.

I’m hoping to share a little bit of randomness between now and then while our life of limbo continues and until we get everything moved and settled. 
So… that being said…

 I’d like you to meet some important members of our entourage… 🙂 

Sox and Dan
 We will be going back and forth for awhile to feed these guys, until we can get them moved and all the pens and what not to the new house

We currently have our two rope horses, Sox and Dan, two of Mr. M’s brother’s horses and his dad’s (retired) rope horse. That makes 5 horses total to build pens for and then move. We’re hoping to have then some nice new horse digs up soon! 😉 We also have Steve-O the donkey (get it 😉 and several roping steers that need to be moved as well.  

Steve-O with the steers
So… Hope you enjoyed meeting some new faces! 😉 And please stick with us through this exciting time!!!
I promise LOTS of home improvement, wedding craft, and general crafting posts after we’re moved and settled!!! 
Come back shortly to see who was featured from Fancy This Fridays!!!
Oh.. and I drew a winner for the FRESCHETTA giveaway and haven’t heard from them… 
So if you are the winner, email me ASAP or a new winner will be drawn. 


  1. Congrats on the house Kassi!

  2. Congratulations on the house!! Sox and Dan are so handsome!! I love horses.Thank you for featuring me on Truly Lovely!!Alisha

  3. how awesome! Thanks for sharing with us today on Scattergirls!!!:)gina

  4. Oh my gosh I just love Steve-O! He cracks me up! I'm so glad you linked up to Scatter Girls today.