Thermostat Temperature?

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Neither me nor Mr. M has ever really had a in home cooling system before. 

We’ve always had swamp coolers or window AC’s to keep us cool in the summer… But now we have our very own thermostat to taunt us…
 What do I mean?
We have NO idea what the “right” temperature should be?
Of course you want to set it where it’ll keep your home cool and comfy… but at the same time you don’t want to faint over your electric bill every month!!!
So… Time for some Internet research…
Apparently, for every degree over 72 degrees F that you increase your thermostat temperature (during the hot summer months), you decrease your home energy costs by 3%… Hmm… The higher the better then?
BUT most people are uncomfortable at anything over 80 degrees…
So according to the temperature should be set for somewhere around 78 to 80 degrees F.  
*** says 78 degrees is where it should be set during warmer months… But most websites say to try them out for yourself until you determine your comfort and cost level best.
Which I guess we could do. 

I have a blog! With fabulous readers!!! 
So… Instead, I’d like your opinions!?!? 
What do you set your thermostat to during the hot summers???

We can use all the help we can get as new home owners friends!!
PLEASE help us! 😉


  1. We usually do 80 if we can stand it but that also requires fans. So if you don't have fans, 78 is probably best.

  2. I wish I had some advice for you but I don't. I've been wondering the exact same thing recently. I can't wait to read what everyone else says. Thanks for posting the question!

  3. Rachael says:

    We keep our house around 70 year round lol 🙂 It's probably the only thing I don't think about saving on. That said, we did install a programmable one that has a program to use less during "work hours" and at night so when I'm not here to change it, I guess it saves us more than our old one.

  4. says:

    Hey Kassie, I keep ours at around 78 too, but I still sweat like a piggy at the least bit of anything I do besides breath, it's soooooo HUMID here, and no matter what when full on summer heat hits you are doomed. My air conditioner can't even cope half the time, so it doesn't matter if I put it at 60, it just doesn't seem to get it cool enough (guess I should buy a new one) but I just struggle with fans too….

    HEY btw, you know you wanted to win some Magic Curry mix right? You promised to do a post and all, well you got it girl. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I can't wait to hear what you think about my recipe.

    Hugs, Bella 🙂

  5. Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife says:

    We live in an old house on a Military post in Georgia. The windows are single pane and there is no insulation. We keep it between 68-70 to keep the humidity out.

    BTW, tag you're it:

  6. Hani@Craftionary says:

    We keep it at 78.. So we don't have to change it when the temperature outside gets warmer or colder. Usually, in the afternoon sometimes it gets warmer but that's because the sunlight comes directly into our living room at that time..
    Conclusively, 78 is the best for the day and night.. no need to change the thermostat accordingly.. it keeps things normal..

  7. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    YOU ARE TOO CUTE!! I keep wanting to do this…ask my bloggy world friends questions!!

    NOW being from HOT HUMID TEXAS to HOT DRY SUPER FREAKING WHAT THE HECK IS THIS HOT AZ I can tell you what has helped us! 1st a programmable thermostat is important. It helps save you money because it's programmed. During the day here and in Texas I always keep ours set at 78. It's really not that bad. Not here or in TEXAS which is saying a lot! At night it drops to 74 then back up to 78 at 7am. We have a plan too with APS were our price is lower on the weekends and between 7pm to 7am. FANS help too, especially ceiling fans!

  8. ccoffey says:

    Hi there! Cara from Texas here and I keep my thermostat where I can be comfortable in the house. If I'm cleaning or working on something physical, I take it down a couple notches. If I'm just sitting and hanging out, I may have it higher. If I leave, I crank it way up to about 85.

    I'm lucky. I actually have a LOT of shade around my house and have no windows on the West side of the house.

    Hope this helps. Like Ami, I also rely on ceiling fans.

    Have a great holiday weekend!


  9. 74 and I'm not budging 🙂

    it's worth the extra dollars not to sweat. i'm a homeschooling momma of five so i'm up and running around most of the day (with the exception of rest time, which is now).

    thanks for posting questions. great idea!