WIW (What I Wore) Zebra Print and a Style Question

I am a self proclaimed zebra print addict… 
I love ME some zebra… 
One of the sweet ladies that came to my bridal shower this weekend even wrapped my gift in LOVELY pink paper and tied it with the MOST awesome zebra ribbon, because she knows my love of things striped… 🙂
 Needless to say I thought it was FABULOUS!!!
Anyway… For one of my outfits last week, I wore my zebra flats…
Please ignore the black fluff in the top left hand corner. 😉
An off white 3/4 sleeve shirt with a black lace under shirt…
And jeans.
(I wear jeans almost everyday… Something to work on…)

Before the necklace

After the necklace

You can see I chose to wear just a plain black bead necklace with the outfit.
That’s where my style question comes in…

When is it too much of a good thing?

I have lots of lovely zebra jewelry, accessories and what not…
But because I was wearing those zebra shoes…
AND I carry my SUPER fun zebra purse…
(if you’re new and I haven’t seen my purse, you can read about that here)

I figured that was probably plenty of zebra.

SO for another outfit I wore incorporating zebra…
A white blouse with white lace undershirt, jeans and my zipper sandals.

And as you can see… a zebra necklace, from my friend Meghan Jo
and zebra earrings that I bought in South Padre, Texas.
(Simple coincidence that they match perfectly!! yay!!!)

So… What do you think? Am I doing ok with the zebra prints?
I try to keep it classy… 😉 Or do you think it’s still too much?
Maybe not enough even??
Keep in mind that I carry a zebra print purse everyday… 🙂

On another note, what do you think of these What I Wore posts?
Should I continue?

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  1. I think it looks great!

  2. I love BOTH looks!! I think the black necklace really makes the first outfit! BUT I must tell you I am a terrible fashion consultant!! I'm a JEANS (like you) and t-shirt kinda gal!! My hubby is always trying to get me to wear some of the jewelry I made but….I'm just…I just like my wedding ring and thats it!