Fancy This Fridays #27 and a Lovely Blog Award

This last week we received a LOVELY blog award!!!

Thanks Alisha!

From not one, but TWO LOVELY bloggers!!
So, a HUGE thank you to the lovely…

Alisha from Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife

AND Amanda Dale from The Ivy Cottage

THANKS so much for thinking of us lovelies!!!

I’m supposed to share seven facts about me now… So…

1. I played for the NM girls basketball team in a tournament in Queensland, Australia during the summer of my junior year in high school. 


2. I am just over two weeks away from marrying the love of my life! 

3. I won third place in the High Jump at my State Track Meet, my senior year of high school! Barely clearing another inch to beat out THREE other girls that tied for fourth!

4. My thesis for my MBA program in college was on preferences for local foods in restaurants. Buy local friends! Support your local economy! 🙂

5. My middle name is Marie. Just like my mom’s and my Granny’s. If I ever have a little girl, her’s will be Marie as well. 

6. My favorite food is tacos. I order them everywhere. My fiance teases me that I shouldn’t even look at the menu because I already know that I’ll order tacos. 


7. I was a NM State FFA officer my senior year of high school. I consider that time to be one of the BEST and FUNNEST things I have ever done!

NM State Officer Team 2003-2004
*That’s me in lying across the front… haha. 

So… that’s a little about me… In case you didn’t know. haha!
Now to award five lovely bloggers. 

The award goes to…


            Ladybird Ln

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Thanks for linking lovelies!!! Have a great day!!! 
And an even GREATER weekend!!!


  1. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says:

    Thanks for the link up. I just got the one lovely blog award this week and gave it to The Ivy Cottage. So glad she passed it on to you. I love the blog and am following now.

  2. Ladybird Ln says:

    It is fun learning more about you! So if you played basketball and did the high jump… are you tall? Just wondering! Thank you so much for including me in the award!


  3. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    AWW!! Congrats on your awards!! You TOTALLY deserve it!! Alie's middle name is Marie!! And I TOO only eat TACOS!!! I get them EVERYWHERE!!! I LOVE TACOS!!! Will there be tacos at your wedding??? lol Love ya girl!! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Little Beachs says:

    Australia would be so much fun!!

  5. Hopped over from TGN's blog! My husband was either president or VP of FFA in Oklahoma.. He loved it! Congrats on your wedding! Hope it's lovely 🙂

  6. Hollie - says:

    Thanks again for hostessing!

  7. Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog says:

    Congrats on your blog awards and I always love reading about other bloggers when they answer questions! Good luck on your upcoming wedding! Marriage is wonderful, challenging, rewarding and worth everything! I have been married to same lovely man for 25 years!

    I am a new follower from FTLOB! Looking forward to reading your posts!