What I Wore Wednesday – Navy “Vest”

I’m not even sure you can call this a vest… What would you call it?
Anyway… I used my bridal shower gift card to Sorella’s, a cute little boutique here in town, and bought some new shirts recently. 
One of my purchases was this little navy number. 

I’ve been wanting one of those “vests” for awhile.. and finally got one! 
Yay! It’s SO soft and comfy! 
The Mister wasn’t as impressed as I was with this outfit.. 
Maybe because it was so comfy it lacked in the sexy department… 
I don’t know.

The black tank underneath has lived in my closet FOREVER… 
It’s got a cute little bow on it that you can’t really see.

OH! And you also can’t really see it, but I’m rocking the braid to the side look there. That I pinned on pinterest… Except with bangs. 

Does anyone else feel kind of like a doofus taking pictures of themselves? 
I do.. sometimes. haha. 

And the full outfit. 
Sorry for the blur… My Android is pretty much the best camera I have right now.. 

I’m also wearing my zipper flip flops… They’re all I wear these days. 
I have one brown pair of Old Navy flip flops that have seen better days… and need replaced. 
Thinking it’s time for some new summer shoes. 
I’m lame though.. mostly cause I’m cheap. 
So.. Maybe if I post that I’m trying to do better I will.
So, I’ll try to do better. 🙂 

Have a great rest of the week. 
OH and P.S. I’m getting married on Saturday! Whoot!

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  1. Love your new vest! It looks super cute on you!

  2. I love the vest! I would bet if I wore it, my hubby wouldn't be impressed either! What do they know?!


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