Chalkboard Flower Pot

Remember WAY back in like January-ish when I re-organized my office space?
The after looked like this:

Much better… but still nothing exciting. 
I’ve worked in that space for a few months now and I finally decided it was in need of some fancying up!
First things first, my mom gave me a small potted plant that she’d had in her office. 
Cute little thing that it was, it too needed a little fancy before moving to it’s new home in MY office! 😉

Enter chalkboard paint and a Silhouette cut vinyl stencil. 

I used a shape that had come in a four pack I purchased from the Silhouette store back when I made my Save the Date cutouts. It was a little troublesome to get the vinyl on the pot because it has a curve to it… but I finally got it on there… mostly straight. 😉

I used a foam brush to fill in the stencil with chalkboard paint. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but be careful to buy chalkboard paint FOR GLASS if you’re doing a project like this. The kind I have is meant for porous surfaces, so you really have to glob it on there and let it dry overnight for it to work. 

 I hot glued a small strip of  fabric on the back to hold a piece of chalk! 
I was quite proud of myself for thinking of that one… haha. Now there’s chalk handy when I want to change the message on the chalkboard. 🙂

I rolled a small rosette using this method and hot glued it on the front for a little pretty embellishment
and it was done! 🙂 
A cute little planted pot for my office!   

Stay tuned for some other little pretties I made to Fancy Up my office space!

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  1. Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty says:

    LOVE IT!!! Chalkboard paint is my BFF 🙂

  2. Chrissy.Barile says:

    Cute!! I really need to try chalkboard paint ASAP!

  3. Jennifer Juniper says:

    It turned out cute – I haven't used chalkboard paint in awhile, I should pull it back out again!

  4. Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets says:

    Cute! I still have yet to try chalkboard paint but I have a whole blog post about the great uses for it!

  5. this looks great! I need a plant in my cubicle, hehe. Time to buy some chalkboard paint!

  6. Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy says:

    That is a great idea! Love it 🙂 Thanks for linking it up with us.

  7. To Sew With Love says:

    so cute and really creative, Kassi! We are featuring this on the blog today. votation starts on the same day and runs until friday next week. grab a featured button if you fancy so ^^)

    have a lovely sunday.


  8. To Sew With Love says:

    Hi, girl! It's voting time for our finest linked-up project for the month of august and you are one of our finalists. The votation round will run for a whole week and the winner will be announced next sunday.

    Feel free to share.

    Have a lovely sunday!