Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

Aprons are all over blog land lately… People have been sewing them up in all kinds of different ways!
Well, have you heard of Aprons and Smocks???
They have a sweet website where you can order aprons, chef apparel and even custom aprons at a GREAT price!!
After our wedding I received a Mr. and Mrs. apron to try out and review! 
They even stitched my new last name on each one!
Black for the groom and white for the bride of course! 🙂
So fun, right?!?

Here I am in our new backyard, about to grill up some steaks in my new apron!!! 
Mr. M is a good photographer, eh?! 
He wasn’t so keen on getting his picture taken in his apron, so he just took mine with them both. 🙂

The Mr. M apron is just manly enough that Mr. M might actually wear it! 
The only downside to these aprons is that they’re a little on the shorter side and since he’s so tall, they don’t cover as much on him. Mine however, was just right. 
They fit right in my kitchen with my other aprons don’t you think?! And being that mine is white, it’ll be easy to bleach if I get a nasty food stain! 
I also enjoyed having the three pockets in the front to hold my kitchen utensils as I went in and out of the house to the grill!

At Aprons and Smocks you can choose to customize with embroidery or screen print. 
I like the simple embroidery on the aprons I received. It looks quite professional if you’re looking for aprons for your restaurant staff, chefs, or just to use at home. 

Customizing a Mr. and Mrs. apron set (like the two I received) would make a GREAT wedding gift! 
Or even anniversary gift!
There are variety of colors and styles to choose from as well!!

Hope you check out their site next time your looking for an expensive, but unique gift, or just want an apron to use at home! 

Thanks to Aprons and Smocks for giving me the opportunity to review two of their three pocket bib aprons! 
I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.