Snickers Salad

Snickers Salad. Got to be an oxymoron, right? But it’s quite tasty!!!
Another pin I saved from Carlee at Ladybird Ln. snickers salad is SUPER easy to make!!
AND it only requires three ingredients!!!

3-5 apples
3-4 Snickers candy bars
12 oz. whipped cream

Simply chop up the apples and the Snickers bars into small pieces…
Stir them and the whipped cream together in a bowl…

And viola!!! 

Snickers Salad!

Happy Tasty Tuesday!!!


  1. Big D and Me says:

    You had me at snickers 🙂

  2. Maybe not the healthiest salad… but perhaps the tastiest! 🙂

    Found you through FTLOB!

  3. Ladybird Ln says:

    So happy you enjoyed it! It might not get any health food awards, but I have never had anyone NOT like it… plus it has apples right RIGHT?? J/k!

  4. Now this is a salad I'd actually eat!

  5. Chrissy.Barile says:

    Thank you for linking up! Hope to see you next week!

    Chrissy @ ForMamas


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