Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Ali of Our Happily Ever After

Hello lovelies!!! 
Today we’d like you to meet our bloggie friend Ali!!
We are thrilled to help miss Ali by sharing her exciting announcement…
Ali just started her own blog design business!
So, if you’re looking for a fun new look for your blog, be sure to check out
 Ali’s designs! They are SUPER CUTE!!!

Here’s Ali…

Hi there Truly Lovely readers!!!

I’m so excited to be here today!
I met Kassi through her wedding blog
And love her to death 😉

I’m not the most crafty person in the world
(just ask my mother or husband)
but I am ambitious and I have tons of things lined up once I
can buy this beauty:

But for now,
I do little paper crafts
And I make blog backgrounds 😉

I recently
(as in on Tuesday)
finished creating my design blog with all of the designs
I’ve come up with so far.

Now I will absolutely admit that I’m
Not completely tech savvy
(still can’t figure out how to make a scroll box for the codes)
but I think my designs are pretty cool,
fun, and crazy sometimes 😉

Here’s some examples:

You can also look here and here and here for blogs I’ve done for
These great ladies 😉

I use PhotoShop Elements to create the backgrounds,
Buttons for people,
And for page tabs and sidebar tabs 😉

I have not been to any design classes or anything,
I’m self-taught but I think I did pretty good
Considering my limited background in professional classes.
My prices are super low,
I mean seriously.
Since I’m not a professional,
I wouldn’t charge ridiculous amounts for things,
Although I would love donations so I can buy more
Digital scrapbooking kits.

I love this site for free scrapbooking kits:

Check it out if you love to do things like that!

I also use for free fonts
(plus she’s super cute and crafty)

I hope I get to meet a whole bunch of you at both my personal blog:

And the design blog:

Thank you Kassi for having me!!

Thanks so much to Ali for sharing her new business with us!!
Aren’t her blog designs AWESOME!
AND a huge thanks to her for being this week’s Bloggie Bestie and blog swapping with us!
Hope you’ll pop over to Ali’s place to say hi as I share a guest post over there today!

Have a lovely day!!


  1. Alycia (Crowley Party) says:

    LOVE all of these :)! I am loving your blog! Happy I found it, new follower 🙂