Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Tales from Domestic Obscurity (GIVEAWAY!)

Hey hey lovelies!!
We have a fun new Bloggie Bestie for you this week!!!

 Queen Bee from Tales of Domestic Obscurity!

Be sure to give her some bloggie lovin’ and scroll all the way through for a FUN giveaway just for Truly Lovely readers!!! 🙂 

Here’s Queen Bee! 

Well, Hello Everyone…so nice to meet you!! I just adore Truly Lovely and am so so excited that Kassi and I agreed to be Bloggie Besties today!!

I am the Queen Bee…yep, you heard that right :). I say it is because I am the organizer of our household.  My husband would probably say it’s because I can tend to be a bit bossy :). We are both a little right!! You can find me blogging over at Tales from Domestic Obscurity…AKA Tales of the Average Family.

We recently closed our blog that gave all that great info like our names and where we lived to a blog that allows us to be a bit more anonymous.  Wondering why?  Well, we just uprooted our lives to move back to my hometown, allowing me to go into private practice with my dad.  Yep, I’m an attorney (after previously being a teacher) and thought I should have a bit of anonymity. So Tales from Domestic Obscurity is relatively new to the scene, but derives from a well established blog.

So, who did I bring with me on the move?  Well, my wonderful husband, Archer. 

And our two boys…

Big Brother (age 4.5 years old)…

And Little Brother (age 1.5 years old)…

We are original like that with those names 🙂

We would be so honored if you would hop on over to our blog to spend some time with us. Wondering what you would find over on our blog? 

Well, you will obviously find stories about all of us…the funny, serious and all the time honest…mainly with a twist of positive…since I am a firm believer in believing the glass is half full! And I try to live my life that way. 

You will find stories regarding my love and passion for running…

And photography (I’m a complete newbie with a love for learning more), especially on Wordless Wednesdays

And friends…

And, of course, my life list…all the wonderful things I want to accomplish in my lifetime…I am completely driven by my list.  It has made me a better person!

If that isn’t much to convince you to hop on over…you’ll find out one more thing about me..I LOVE to do Giveaways. They are nothing fancy but they are consistent. And so here is the details of my newest Giveaway…and it is only for you all, the wonderful readers of Truly Lovely…

I am giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card…

To enter:

Between now and September 22, 2011 at midnight (PST) you can get an entry by leaving a comment on my blog (with your email address if I do not have it) that you hopped on over from Truly Lovely and… (please leave a separate comment for each one)…
  1. Have become a Follower of this blog (there’s a little icon on the right side of the blog :))
  2. Have become a Subscriber of this blog  
  3. Have become a Follower on Twitter
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  5. Tweeted the Giveaway
  6. Posted the Giveaway on Facebook
  7. Blogged the Giveaway on your blog (2 entries for this). 
You must leave a comment to be entered! And you must give a shout out to these wonderful sisters at Truly Lovely!
Thanks so much for checking us out…can’t wait to get to know you all better :).

Thanks TFDO for being this week’s Bloggie Bestie and for offering such a fun treat for our Truly Lovelies!!! 🙂 
Aren’t her little guys ADORABLE!!! 
Don’t forget to enter her fun giveaway! 
Comments to be made at HER blog to count as entries!
Have a lovely day sweets!


  1. the boys are soo cute, youngest there looks soo sweet with those glasses on!

  2. QB @ Tales from Domestic Obscurity says:

    Thanks so much :). He's a funny little guy 🙂

  3. Lydia @ See Beautiful says:

    Aw, thanks for sharing such cuteness! Have to check them out.

  4. Such adorableness!
    Just found your blog.. love it!! 😀

  5. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Your kids are super cute!!

  6. Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty says:

    Thank you for the chance to enter–Im headed to her blog now!

  7. Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty says:

    I'm Follow her on FB I also wrote on her wall!

  8. Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty says:

    I now follow her on twitter!

  9. Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

  10. Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids says:

    I'm a new twitter follower!

  11. Red Rose Alley says:

    Those pictures of the boys are so cute!! I didn't realize that you were a teacher. Nel also teaches – Freshman College. She just got a handful of clothes for the Fall and posted about it. You might enjoy. I'm glad you're still interested in Photography. It's such a fun and beautiful thing. I'm going over to check out your other blog. Have a lovely week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Aley