Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Krystina at Cup ‘a Hot Chocolate

Today we are EXTRA THANKFUL for all of our AMAZING Bloggie Besties, readers, and friends!!!
Thanks for all you do!!!
That said, we’d like to introduce another new Bestie!!

Krystina of Cup a’ Hot Chocolate!!

Real quick, I’m sharing a fun turkey craft over at her place today in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday of course, hope you’ll stop by and say hello!!

One of MY FAVORITE things about this holiday season is the Holiday Lights!
I LOVE to drive around and look at them… 

SO… You can imagine my excitement at reading Krystina’s post today!!! 
If you love lights like me, you’re gonna LOVE this… 
Also… She might have one of the COOLEST jobs in the world… just sayin… 😉

Take it away Krystina!!!

Hello, Truly Lovely readers!!!
I am BEYOND excited to be writing my very first guest post here with such amazing ladies! 
So excited to have the opportunity to meet more amazing bloggers out there.
To start, my name is Krystina and I blog over at Cup ‘a Hot Chocolate.


It started as just a collection of my happy thoughts and has since grown into pretty much anything from recipes, to crafts, to random tid bits! I hope after you’re done here, you’ll head over to my little corner of the blogosphere and check it out!
Kassi has an awesome and easy Thanksgiving craft up over there today so I highly recommend it!
Plus! There’s a lovely giveaway of some delicious Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolatey goodness and some info about an exciting new link-up called Wish! {out loud} that will be starting December 27th!
Now that all the business is out of the way-
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
While many of you may be ecstatic to give this holiday its deserved respect, all I can think is that I can finally move on to my favorite holiday ever in the history of all things. Yes- it is that serious! I decided to join in the whole “Let Thanksgiving have its day!” movement that sort of took place this year but if I’m being honest, Christmas has just been bubbling up inside of me and it is ready to come out!! My bins filled with Christmas cheer are waiting in the wings and as soon as I have my next day off- Kris Kringle is going to upchuck red and green all over my apartment.
Too much?
I tried to warn you all- I take Christmas very seriously! In the awesome, fun, best time of year sort of way.
It took me some time to figure out exactly what to share with you all today and I was at work when inspiration struck me. This may not be where most people get their best ideas, but I happen to work at a very inspiring and happy place…

Oh, hey Disney Junior Live on Stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Is this seriously my life? Yes, yes it is. I actually make a living as a performer for the Walt Disney company. I sing and dance for the greatest audiences EVER- Mickey loving preschoolers and babies!! If you come by my blog you’ll learn quickly that I adore my job.
Any hoo! I often get a bit of a backlash from non Floridians when I tell them Christmas is my favorite. I get a whole lot of “You don’t even know Christmas if you haven’t had a white Christmas!” To that, I say bite me! 🙂 As much as I would LOVE a white Christmas, there are things I get where I live that certainly make up for my lack of snow…
I’m smiling just telling you all about this. Hi, my name is Nerd.
One of these amazing things I’m referring to-
The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!
This display that so many technicians work tirelessly to put up at Disney Hollywood Studios every year is one of my favorite Christmas things ever. Once it opens up, I make it a point to walk through after work as often as time allows. On one of those trips, I brought my camera a long so I could share the experience with all of you! So here you go… If you can’t make it to Disney this Holiday season, I wanted to bring a little piece of the magic to all of you! I hope it warms your heart like it always does mine.

This is one of my favorite nativity scenes. It’s life size but I never think it’s over the top. 
Tasteful and beautiful! 

How cool is this? There’s fake snow blowing, Christmas music blaring, hot chocolate being served, and periodically, the lights “dance” to the music in a perfectly programmed display of awesome!


My favorite thing about it- walking through and seeing families experiencing it together. From the very young to the very old, everyone walks around amazed and happy! I absolutely adore it.I hope you all enjoyed this little peek into my world.I hope this holiday season is filled with loved ones and as many smiles as possible.Thank you for having me! And I hope to be hearing from you all soon 🙂

Thanks for sharing these fun pictures Krystina!!! 🙂
And thanks for being the Bloggie Bestie this week at Truly Lovely!
Hope you’ll share some bloggie love with her below friends! 
After those pictures she deserves it! haha

We hope you are having and continue to have a lovely Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Truly Lovely!!!
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