A Lovely Gray Guest Room Part 1

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought it was a great time to start sharing something I am truly thankful for…
Our home.
We moved into our house in May. 
Since that time I’ve only gotten one room mostly the way I want it. By mostly I mean it’s still a work in progress, but at this point I’m pretty proud of how it’s turned out. 
Our Guest Bedroom. 

After we moved in. 
Pretty much just a yellow tinted jumble of piled up junk. 
Oh, and a bed, entertainment center thing and a tv. That’s it. 

First things first… 
Choosing a paint color to cover that um… yellow. 
We received a gift card to Home Depot for our wedding that I had been saving just for this occasion. 
Having heard that Glidden paints worked well I decided to go with that brand. 
Plus they have these fun little testers that you can purchase for a dollar and some change!! 
I narrowed it down to two colors. 
Either a tan-ish color that I can’t remember the name of now… Or a gray called Wood Smoke. 
I took my testers home, swiped some of each up on the wall and let it dry for a few hours to really get the full affect. 
You can see the random bedding and window treatment-less window in these shots. 

While it was drying I filled in all of the nail holes and such with some nail hole filler I also purchased from Home Depot.

Once the paint was dried the hubby gave final approval. Wood Smoke it was!
I loved the idea of having a gray room, but also liked the idea of trying it out first in our smallest room to see how well I actually liked it. Plus let’s be honest… 
Other than a few times helping someone else… 
I had NEVER painted a room before. Really. 

So it began! 
I taped off all the areas for fixtures, the doors, the window, everything that wasn’t to be painted our Wood Smoke shade of gray. 
Since we won’t be purchasing new flooring anytime soon, I also took care to cover the carpet with plastic. 

Initially I wasn’t going to paint the ceiling, it was kind of a cream color… But I thought better of it thankfully and decided to go gray on the ceiling and walls then white with pops of color for accessories. 
(My Pinterest board of inspiration.)

Remember that tester I bought? Those things come in SO handy for more than just choosing a paint color!!
After painting and letting everything dry, I found a few little spots that needed touching up. 
The tester was PERFECT for that!! You could use the little brush included for touch ups while saving time and effort on getting everything out again. 

Here’s a little sneak peak on how the gray turned out! 
Stay tuned for the actual reveal pictures and more projects leading up to the big reveal!
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  1. that funny cuz before finishing reading i chose woodsmoke too. 🙂 great bloggy friends think alike! 🙂

    Hope you have a great turkey day 🙂


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