Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Katherine of Irish Italian Blessings

Good morning lovelies! 
Today we’d like to introduce you to…
Katherine of Irish Italian Blessings!!
We just love her. She has a beautiful little family, and writes some of the most witty and fun to read posts! 
Recently she’s been getting crafty over at her place and they’re always easy, and way cute crafts!
So, that’s what she’s sharing here today!
By the way, I’m over at her place sharing a brand NEW candle craft! 
Hope you’ll come say hello!

Take it away Katherine!

Hello Truly Lovely friends!!
I’m Katherine, and I blog over at Irish Italian Blessings.

I am so so excited to be visiting you today and sharing a little bit of me.
The Truly Lovely girls Kassi and Kayli, some of my MOST FAVORITE bloggers are so sweet to be hosting me in my very first blog swap! Yaaay!!
I would loooove to have you come visit and read about my amazing journey through:
mommyhood-wifeyhood-life-and most recently my wannabe.crafty-ness.
I’m a self proclaimed CHRISTMAS FREAK, I love it all, music, movies, the spirit, the shopping, and of course the decorating!

I saw a neat way to make marble glass ornaments with nail polish and thought I would give it a try. They came out pretty cool so I wanted to share.
Supplies needed:
Nail Polish – I used a Red and a White
A glass Ornament
Toothpick, Bottled Water, a Bowl or Cup large enough to dip ornament

Nail Polish dries quickly so you have to work fast!

Pour the bottled water in a cup or bowl, filling it half way, I had better results with the bowl so I’m sharing those pics 🙂
Pour a few drips of your nail polish in the water, alternating between the colors
Once you have put enough polish in the water, use your toothpick to mix them together and create a design
I wanted a real marble effect so I stirred it up a bit
THEN!!! Dip your ornament into the bowl of polish and the polish will stick to the ornament.
This is what it looks like right after you’re done!
And here it is! I added a red and white ribbon and it’s tied to the tree!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my crafty side, if you want to see a few of my other tutorials check out my recent Scrap Paper Filled Ornaments and later this week I’ll have a Scrap Book Paper Flower Ornament, these are really neat!!!  
I’ll be a Christmas posting maniac this month if you’re looking for some holly jolly cheer, come say hello! 

Thanks again!!


Those are so neat, right!?! Thanks for sharing Katherine and for being this week’s Bloggie Bestie at Truly Lovely!
Hope you’re getting in the holiday spirit lovelies!!! 😉


  1. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    YAY! You girls are so awesome, thanks so much for hosting me and sharing my craft!!

  2. Amanda Joy says:

    I love that this looks like a candy cane bubble. I have a bunch of different colors of fingernail polish, and this is calling to me now:)

  3. This is too cute! 🙂

  4. That's an awesome craft that I never would have thought of! Thanks for featuring Katherine!

  5. That's really neat. Maybe I should do this with some of those old nail polishes I'm never going to use!

  6. I love this ornament, so cute! Would love you to come over next wednesday when I host an ornament only link up as part of my Delightful December series!