Christmas at Kassi’s

So I had mentioned awhile back that I had a post planned to show you the Christmas decor at my house… Let’s just say it’s been tough getting things I HAD to have done, done… much less take good pictures of the decor and what not… haha. It’s just that time of the year!! 🙂

But here’s a few pictures I did get before the craziness set in…

Our little Christmas tree.
It’s a pre-lit tree with colored lights. My parents got it for me several Christmases ago. 
I love it!
The star was also a gift from my mom. I got the gold tinsel string on sale a few post-Christmases ago for $0.50! 
Thought I needed some gold to match the star. 
The red tree skirt belonged to my mother-in-law. 
It was a perfect addition with its gold glitter!

The angel in the gold dress (on the right) has a twin that belongs to Kayli. 🙂

The top left ornament is for our first married Christmas (talked about here). 
The top right is two little stockings I made for our doggies a few years ago. Just wrote their names in puff paint. 
And the bottom pic is a hand beaded ornament from a sweet lady at work. She has given me one or two every year so far. 

Funny story…. Our four year old nephew found a Cars gift bag and filled it with odds and ends for his “girlfriend’s” Christmas present, then put it under the tree. 
It has a plant holder, some rolley wheels, a State Farm stuffed dog, some fake flowers and a plant food stake in it. 
Hubs said at least he did good with the stuffed dog and fake flowers. 😉

This little tree was my very first Christmas tree when I went off to college.
I had a teeny tiny apartment and it was all I could fit (and afford). I have a set of pink ornaments for it too, but sometimes I interchange the red and chile pepper ornaments (a gift from my Nana) for a different look.  
It even has it’s own string of clear lights. 

The snow globe came from this review! 🙂

You saw the mantel in the post where I shared our Cowboy Boot Stockings, but here it is again. I fancied up those candles here
The little wooden Santa is an advent that you slide the beads from one side to the other to countdown the days until Christmas. I’ve had that since I was a kiddo.
The nativity is a Precious Moments set that I’ve had since I was little as well. 
FYI – I collect Precious Moments pretties. 😉
The card display that I made last year is overflowing with cards! We’ve received several from friends over the last few weeks! I LOVE getting them in the mail and hanging them on our card holder. 

(Don’t mind the filled in nail holes… We have yet to paint in the living room….)
Kayli and our brother’s (Brent’s) girlfriend, Jessie helped me hang multi-colored icicle lights around the top edge of our house outside a few weekends ago. 
Luckily the people that had lived there before had hung lights at some point so there were already nails… We just had to climb the ladder and hang the lights. 😉
There you can also see the Christmas Rope Wreath I made last year hanging for the first time on our very own front door! 🙂
Well, that’s pretty much it! 
Thanks for stopping by Kassi’s at Christmas! 😉
We wish you the most AMAZING of holiday seasons! 
And TODAY a Happy Hanukkah!!!

By the way, there won’t be a Fancy This Fridays link up this week, but be sure to come back  next week! 
We’re taking a little holiday vacation through Monday! 
We will be responding to emails and you might see an occasional Facebook/Twitter update… but other than that it’s FAMILY FOCUS time!

I will, however, be back tomorrow to show you our Christmas cards! 🙂 
Until then have a lovely day dolls!!!


  1. it's all so cute, but I really really love your rope wreath!!!

  2. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    I agree with Melodee! That rope wreath is fantastic!! SO many gifts under the tree, I have to wait to put mine because my son was already opening them!! Merry Christmas Kassi & Kayli!

  3. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    Everything looks so great, Kassi!! I'm so excited for you and Nate and your FIRST Christmas together in your new home!! I LOVE the Precious Moments nativity scene! I LOVE ALL THINGS PRECIOUS MOMENTS!!! Now, I really can't wait for you to get your holiday card!!! Have a wonderful Christmas friend!!

  4. Red Rose Alley says:

    Your house is decorated and all festive for Christmas. I really liked the ornament that you had when you were first married. I treasure old ornaments that have special meaning to them. Your snowglobe is very similar to the one I have at my house. LOVE IT! Merry Christmas to both of you lovely girls. May your season be filled with joy and peace.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Kara @ Mine for the Making says:

    Very sweet 🙂 I love the rope wreath on your door. Perfect for you and the hubs 😉

  6. Kassi!!! All of your decorations look so lovely!!!!!!!! I'm awfully jealous of people who put up Christmas trees and are able to collect ornaments – we haven't gotten there yet, since we move so much I don't want to take the chance of breaking precious ornaments. (so basically, I will live vicariously through you and your fresh decorating skills!)

    Wishing you such a happy and healthy holiday and 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. aw, beautiful decorations!!! the little stockings are adorable. 🙂

  8. lovely!!!!!


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