Our first family Christmas party

A few days before Christmas last week we had our local family members over for a Christmas party of sorts. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but my husband’s older brother and his wife bought a home directly behind, catty corner to ours. 
They just moved in over this last month. 
This was our first real, of many I’m sure, get together as neighbors!! 

We had ham and mashed potatoes that my SIL Brianne made and brought over.
I whipped up my friend Meg’s recipe for a yummy chile/corn side dish, and we had Snicker Salad for dessert! 
We actually took these post opening presents, thus the reason the presents are shown in the pictures haha.
Guess you know you did well when they don’t want to put them down… 😉
While we were getting dinner finished up the kiddos, (Corryn and Chancey) made some ice cream cone Christmas trees. They decorated their trees with M&Ms after their momma iced them. 

Chancey and his tree. 
Corryn and her tree. 
Once we’d finished eating it was time to open presents!
Chancey got some little trucks and Corryn, a Barbie doll and doll clothes. 

Brianne, Chancey, Corryn (Hubs and BIL in the background)

My FIL and his wife, Tammy. 

Like Uncle like Nephew… 😉

Opening their bigger presents. 
A game for Chancey. 

And a Piggy Scentsy Buddy for Corryn. 

It was really fun to have our first Christmas get together with our nearest family. 
I’m sure they’ll grow through the years, but as our first married Christmas, it was nice to have a small get together and enjoy the ones we love in our new home. 

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my parents and family in my hometown. 
For one reason or another I didn’t take any pictures! BAH!!  🙂 I still have a few things I’ll share about that later as well as how AWESOME the hubs did for his first Christmas as a married man. 😉 

We hope your Christmas was MERRY and BRIGHT and spent with the ones YOU love. 

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  1. How amazing is that to have family so close by? In my perfect world my parents will slice me, my sisters, and my brother each an acre of their land and we'll live on a little compound lol. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WAS YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS AS HUSBAND AND WIFE??? kasdlkasdhakksjdfhkajsdhasdj!!!!!!