Handkerchief Pillow Covers

We used turquoise and pink handkerchiefs as part of our table centerpieces in our July wedding. See…

You can see them on the tables here while Kayli is about to give her toast. 😉

I wanted to come up with an idea to reuse them after the wedding, and this is attempt number one!

I used two handkerchiefs for each pillow cover and two 16 inch pillow forms. 
I started by cutting one of the two {for each pillow} handkerchiefs exactly in half. 
I pinned and then hemmed the inside edges of the two halves on my sewing machine. 
Then I pinned the two halves to the other full, uncut {for each pillow} handkerchief. 
I slightly overlapped the two halves to make the envelope backing of the pillow cover. 
Once they were pinned, I sewed the two handkerchiefs {one halved, one full} together around the outer edge using my sewing machine. 
Flip the sewn pillow cover inside out and iron. Then stuff with a pillow form. 
On one of the pillow covers I added a ribbon to tie the open edges closed just for some added interest. 
I simply sewed it to one side, cut slits in the other side and tied it through in a bow. 
And there you have it!!!
Two handkerchief pillow covers with sentimental ties to my wedding day!

Happy crafting lovelies!!! 

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  1. This is such an amazing idea! I am always too cheap to buy fun pillows, and too lazy to go and pick out fabric… But 99 cent handkerchiefs I can do!

  2. The Quilt Ladies says:

    I love them, great idea. Adding them to my list ! Great post !


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