Holiday Card Swaps

So I know we’re way past the December holidays and in blog world I’m already considered late because I haven’t posted anything on my resolutions or goals for the New Year. 
But guess what? I’m taking my time. 
There. I said it. 😉
I’m checking out the lists of goals everyone else is posting. Combing them for inspiration and in due time, I’ll share mine. But for today, how about some holiday card fun?!
I joined in two handmade holiday card swaps this year. 
The kind where you’re paired up with another blogger and send one another a card in the mail. Just for fun. 
I made my cards with scrapbook paper, a tree and a card shape cut with my Silhouette SD.

The cards I received were lovely!!! 
First off though, can I just say blogging and the relationships I’ve built through blogging are AMAZING!
Here you can see our holiday cards received in 2011. 
Several of those cards are from lovelies that I’ve met through Truly Lovely!!! Again, I am so thankful for this journey and the friends made because of it. 🙂

The first card swap I joined was on Sugar & Dots/Fingerprints on the Fridge
They paired me up with the lovely Vivian of A Dance for 5

I was so glad to be paired, not only with a fun card swap partner, but a fun blogger with a lovely blog to follow!!! Thanks Vivian!!! 

Next up was the card swap over on FTLOB
I was partnered with Alyx of Everyday is a New Adventure
I also received cards from Bobbi and Vic (admins over at FTLOB). 
Alyx lives in Germany! 
It was so fun to receive a card written in German! 
Thanks to Alyx for her translation!!!

I exchanged cards with a few other bloggie besties including Vic, Ali and Ami
So blessed to have made these amazing friends!!! 
Can’t get over it! haha. 
Here’s to making many more new friends in 2012 and growing the relationships with the lovelies I’m friends with already. 
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  1. Yay!! I thought I saw our card there! 😉 Hahahahaha I feel so special! 😉

  2. I will have to be sure to join a card swap next year. Looks like alot of fun.

  3. So glad my card got there in one piece! lol I really worry about the effectiveness of the mail-people over here sometimes!! 🙂

  4. This was so fun doing! Haven't made a handmade card since I was in elementary school. And ditto to being able to discover YOU!!! 🙂

  5. Crown'd Vic says:

    awwww, thanks lady! LOVED your card too!!!

  6. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    AWWW! KASSI!! I'm so sorry I hadn't seen this till now! Someone on facebook with griping about the hidden posts and I thought "lemme go check mine" and wouldn't you know, this one was there!! Thanks so much for including me, friend!! I'm soooo glad to know you! 🙂