Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Anshu of Blooms and Bugs

Good morning dolls!!
Today we’d like to introduce you to a new Bloggie Bestie of the week! 
Meet Anshu of Blooms and Bugs!!!
She has a darling skirt tutorial to share with you lovelies today! Please share some love with her here, then pop over to her place where I’m sharing a tutorial as well! 😉

Here’s Anshu….

Hello Truly Lovely readers. Kassi has got a truly lovely blog going here and I have been participating in her linky parties ever since I started blogging. So when she mentioned that she is looking for Blogging Besties I jumped at the chance.

A little (too much) about me…
I’m Anshu and I blog about my adventures with needle and thread over at Blooms And Bugs (and have so much fun doing it). I’m an engineer by education but it might have backfired because I’m mostly technology averse (or so my hyper techie husband thinks…more on that later). I’m also mom to an energetic 2 year old who feels no obligation whatsoever to try on whatever I sew for her. Frustrated, I opened an etsy shop for little girls so I could sell my lovingly made clothing to other moms (so they get as frustrated as I am while trying it on their daughters…lol). My dream is to find my daughter buying one of the items from my store and wear it with pride…A woman can always dream, right?

Visit me at Blooms And Bugs, for sewing tutorials, project ideas and whenever you have way too much time to hear me rambling incoherently…about sewing, family etc. Yeah about the husband…he’s a technofile both by education and at heart and tries his best to sneak in technology upgrades in my workspace whenever I’m not looking. I, of course, get upset at all these attempts and get mad at him initially and later wonder how on earth I could live without this cool widget/gadget (but never tell him that much).

This sail away skirt came with me for this Bloggie Bestie post. She wanted to show herself off at Truly Lovely…so I prepared this tutorial.
This skirt is made with 3 coordinating knits and is embellished with a grosgrain bow.

Sail Away skirt in size 2T 


3 coordinating knits

Knit 1 – 24 inches wide X 7.5 inches long
Knit 2 – 36 inches wide X 5.5 inches long

Knit 3 – 36 inches wide X 4.5 inches long

Grosgrain Ribbon (5/8 inch wide) – 10 inches

Elastic (1/2 inch wide) – 19 inches



Cut three wide strips from 3 coordinating knits. Strip 1 is 24 inches X 7 inches. Strip 2 is 36 inches X 6 inches and strip 3 is 36 inches X 4.5 inches.


Sew the shorter ends together on all the strips (right sides together)


Fold the Strip 1  quarter inch inside an sew a seam.
Sew a seam on one side of Strip 2 and Strip 3 each with the longest stitch length, pull the bobbin thread to gather each of them until they both become equal to Strip 1.


Baste the Strip 3 (the one you plan on becoming the inner layer of second tier) to the raw side of Strip 1 ( Wrong sides together). Yes these will be joined wrong sides together.


This is how it will look from the right side once you’re done.


Baste Strip 3 to the Strip 1 (Right sides together this time) Try to align the side seams on Strip 1 an Strip 3 while you’re at it, though its not that important.


This is how it will look once both layers are attache to Tier 1. Top-stitch along the seam. I used zigzag to do it, but I would just do a straight if I were to do it again.


Fold the top of the skirt 1 inch again. Sew a seam while leaving a gap of 1 inch to insert elastic. Insert the elastic and sew the opening shut.


Make a bow using three ribbon pieces as shown by pics above.


Hand sew it to the waistband of the skirt. Finish the raw edge of top layer with a rolled hem. Finish the inner layer with by folding the raw edge twice.

Now go make some sand castles…or chase some butterflies! Sail away!

Isn’t that skirt ADORABLE!?!?! We LOVE it! 🙂 
Thanks to Anshu for sharing her tutorial with us today and for being the Bloggie Bestie this week!
Interested in being the Bloggie Bestie?! Check this out! 😉

Have a lovely week dolls! Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Carlee Rose says:

    SO darling, my girls would love this! I am also so happy that your blog back in business:)