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Hello dolls! We’d like you to meet the lovely
Brittany of Love Stitched!!! 
She’s always been one of my fave bloggers, so it’s a pleasure to have her sharing here with us! I’ll be posting over at her place on Monday, hope to see you there!!!
Here’s Brittany…
Hello Truly Lovely readers! I’m Brittany and I blog over at Love Stitched!

I like to chat about my life, fashion, DIY ,tips and tricks, home decor and anything else my random brain thinks of 😉
Today I am sharing with you, 10 fashion tips. Enjoy!

10 fashion tips from Love Stitched

1.) Dress to fit YOUR body….There have been SO many times I almost grabbed that pair of high waisted jeans. They were calling my name and I had seen SO many people wearing them. The only thing is THEY DO NOT Look good on me! I have short legs hips, and no waist. that equals for one fashion mess! It is much better to pass on a trend than to wear it and have you look…well….not so good! case in point : Jessica Simpson {sorry girl}
2.) Don’t play the name game- it’s ok to buy OFF LABEL items…in fact it’s better! why buy that $100 pair of shoes from nordstrom when you can buy knock offs from target for 1/3 the price. Shop around for latest fashion trends before you buy the first one you see!
3.)Dress for you – you have to be comfortable in your own clothes. Don’t buy something if you are just going to feel awkward and uncomfortable the whole time. Trends are fun but only if you can rock them with confidence. If you SHINE your clothes will too…it’s good to go out of your comfort zone a little but don’t try to be someone your not!
4.) Classic, not trendy – Try to buy mostly all CLASSIC pieces and just throw in a few trendy items here and there. They will not last more than a season and why waist your money on something you are only going to wear once.
5.) One mans trash is another mans treasure – GO THRIFTING. Not only is it fun but you can find some great vintage pieces to spice up your wardrobe for next to nothing. How many times have you gotten rid of something will tags still on it just cause it didn’t fit you right, or it wasn’t “you” – exactly! Just cause it is THRIFTED doesn’t mean it is trashy….but there are a lot of stuff to weed through so be sure you find items that are really YOU or can be refashioned! Don’t bring home junk!
{my cousin Caitlin refashioned this thrift store dress and look how cute it turned out! you sould see the before…click here for the post}
6.) Dress to impress – As I was told once…dress for the job you WANT not the one you HAVE. Well maybe your not out looking for a job but why be labeled the frumpy housewife when you can be labeled the HOT housewife 😉 Dressing up will make you feel better about yourself – promise
7.) Color is your friend – don’t be afraid to add color to your wardrobe! Start small…working your way up. If your afraid of color be sure to pair it with basic and classic pieces for a more subtle look.
8.) Accessorize – shoes and purses can be your best friend or your worst enemy! A ratty old pair of shoes can ruin a whole outfit. By adding a statement necklace it can change the whole look of your outfit as well….be sure you finish off your outfit!
9.) Be the whole package – don’t stop at your clothes…do your hair and make up too. Be the whole package from head to toe…match your make up to your outfit…are you feeling flirty? try red lipstick…going more classic chic…add a pop with a smokey eye!
10.) Don’t be afraid to try new things – I normally would never buy a poncho or think to buy one but I actually LOVE this piece. I only spent $14 on it KNOWING it was a seasonal trendy item but had fun with it and made it mine, now I look forward to my more relaxed dressing days and can where my fun poncho!
Thank you SO much for having me Kassi and Kayli! I hope ya’ll enjoyed my fashion tips!
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Thanks again girl!
Happy Thursday lovelies!!!
Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Brittany@Love Stitched says:

    Thanks for having me girls 🙂

  2. Caitlin says:

    I love these ideas!

  3. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Love her style! Wish I would use more "color" in my wardrobe…maybe is a good time to start!