Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Nina of Momma Go Round!

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Nina of Momma Go Round!!
She is a huge source of fashion inspiration for me, and I’m positive she will be for you too!!!

Here’s Nina!

Hello there Truly Lovely lovers! I’m so excited to be here at Kassi and Kayli’s place today. These two are always so sweet and positive…they just make me smile!
I’m Nina from Momma Go Round, where I experiment with real style, for real women, on a real budget.

I didn’t always use to be fashion conscious. In fact, after my son was born in 2009 I looked like a frumpy mess most days. One day, simply decided enough was a enough, that I matter too, and vowed to spend just a few minutes each day making myself feel great too.

While not every outfit is a winner, and there are still days I go out in sweats and a baseball hat, I’m working on it. And that is all that matters!
Today, I would love to share with you a little about my process of picking out a killer outfit.

Step 1: Pick Your Statement Piece

Your statement piece doesn’t necessarily mean the loudest/brightest/colorful piece in your outfit, it simply means the piece that is speaking to you at that moment.
In this outfit, most people would think that my statement piece was the blouse, but it was actually the skirt. It was a beautiful day and that gorgeous red skirt was just calling to me. Your statement piece can be whatever, a ring, blouse, necklace, shoes…. it will just be what you build your outfit around.

Step 2: Build The Base

Depending on what your statement piece was, fill in the basics next. In this outfit, my statement piece was the necklace and apparently wearing just a necklace out in public isn’t acceptable, so pants and top it was.

Step 3: Make It YOU!

As a mom, I have to make every outfit work for that day. Sometimes I can get away with my favorite wedges, others it’s TOMS and capris for the park. Whatever you wear, you have to make sure you are comfortable. I’m notorious for changing my entire outfit cause I have to wear flats that day. Don’t settle, you can have great style for every situation.

Step 4: Balance
Everyday, I try to keep a few things in mind as I pick out my outfit.

Does it have color?
Does it have texture?
Have I accessorized?
Does it work for my day?
Am I pushing myself, or am I pushing too far?
Do I feel like me?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to simply give it a try. You would never know now that just over a year ago I had never belted anything, ever. Now, I have to remind myself that not every outfit needs a belt.
Sometimes you will knock it out of the park, other times you will wish you had stayed home. In the end, it’s just fashion, not world peace, HAVE FUN!!!
I loved sharing my outfit creating process and hope you’ll stop by Momma Go Round for more fashion and tutorials including my newest tutorial on How To Photograph Sun Flare, and my all-time most popular Flutter Flower Shirt.
Thanks so much for having me today Kassi and Kayli!

Our thanks to Nina for being the Bloggie Bestie at Truly Lovely this week! I’m over at her place today sharing a post on a brand new accessory I just made… 🙂 Hope to see you there!!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely


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