Bloggie Bestie – Heather of Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Hello lovelies!

Today we’re doing the Bloggie Bestie a little differently.
We’ve asked Heather of Finding Beauty in the Ordinary to answer a few questions for us instead of our usual blog swap… She and her hubs, Joshua, are about to become first time parents here in just a couple of months.

I’ve been following along with her blog since before they found out they were pregnant. Through their adorable announcement video… And the sweetest gender reveal idea… I just love seeing her excitement at becoming a mom.

Now here’s where I drop a bomb on ya… I’ve been having some serious baby fever. I know at least a few people that will be just delighted to hear that…

My SIL, Stephanie who’s been trying to coax a niece/nephew since we got married…
Kayli who’s been wanting a niece/nephew so she has a baby in the family and doesn’t have to ask strangers if she can hold their little bundle just for a second ;)…
My SIL, Arina, who’s already purchased and given us our first baby blanket (zebra print and pink… hoping for a girl, eh?)
My mom who keeps saying, “Don’t let them rush you. That’s your deal.”  But secretly can’t wait for a grandbaby.  The list goes on….

SO. That’s where Heather comes in. 🙂 She’s here to answer a few questions about becoming a mommy….

1. Please tell us a snippet or two about you that everyone should know. 🙂

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here on Kassi’s lovely blog! My name is Heather and I blog over at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. I’m 27, have been married for 5 wonderful years, am expecting my first baby in August (a GIRL!), I’ve played the piano for as long as I can remember, I’ve traveled to a lot of different cities/countries, and have a degree in Paralegal Studies (which was the worst major decision of my life, ha!).

2. How about another snippet just about your blog that everyone should know?

This is a hard question! I don’t have a real agenda for my blog other than to share thoughts about my life with my amazing husband, our baby-to-be, our faith, and our life in our new city. My blog started as just an outlet, and now it’s turned into something I’m really passionate about. And it’s led me to work with Casey Wiegand, which is so fun! I had no idea what a cool adventure I was in for 🙂

3. Did you and your hubs officially decide to start a family? And if so, what helped you make that decision?

Yes, we did– we definitely planned this munchkin! We came to a place where we realized our ducks will “never be in a row,” but yet we had more stability in our lives than ever before. We prayed about it and asked God for His favor. My husband also really wanted to have a baby before his 30th, so ironically, we are expecting 2 weeks before his birthday 🙂

4. What are you loving most about pregnancy? 

Everything! It is the best thing I’ve ever experienced! I love feeling the kicks, the punches, & the movement. I also love the doctors appointments where I get to hear her heartbeat and see her posing for the camera! Also, just preparing and getting ready for her arrival is so fun! Who wouldn’t enjoy creating a nursery? 🙂

5. What are you loving least about pregnancy?

I will admit that I’ve had my share of leg cramps, hip pain and back pain– but it’s all so worth it. Oh and really bad morning sickness.

6. What are you most looking forward to after becoming a mother?

I can’t wait for trips to the park and little vacations with her and my husband as a little family. I can’t wait to go with my girlfriends and take all our newborns (we all seem to be expecting right now) to the lake & on lots of little adventures. I am looking forward to watching her become a daddy’s girl and chasing her dreams!

7. So you’re having a girl… 🙂 Name two girl items you are most excited to purchase (or that you have already purchased)?

I have to say that I am so excited to purchase her first little swimsuit! I mean, how cute are baby swimsuits?! I am also really excited to purchase the crib once we move into the house– it will make it all that more real.

8. Have you thought of a name for your little miss and if so will you be sharing it on your blog? Why or why not?

Yes, she has a name! We both agreed on it almost immediately and it has stuck with us. I bought a baby name book and probably shouldn’t have because we’ve never cracked it open! I always thought I’d choose a popular name like Sophia or Emma, but this name is not something you hear everyday. It’s not weird and yet it’s unique. You’ve probably heard it before but not often. And yes, as you probably already can tell, it will be a surprise when we announce her birth 🙂 Since we decided to find out the gender after all, we thought it would be fun to keep something a surprise.

9. What are you most worried about after having your little lady?

Lack of sleep and being too hard on myself. Mommy guilt. Comparing myself to other moms. But I know I’ll be a good mom and God will give me strength and wisdom!

10. Anything else someone who’s looking to start a family should know? Or anything else you just want to share?

Of course, making a baby really isn’t up to us. It’s a complete miracle from God. If you’re looking to start a family, make sure you’re 100% on the same page with your spouse. Take the pressure of “trying” off one another and enjoy the ride 😉 They say that the best gift you can give to your future child is a strong marriage.


Thank you Heather for taking the time to answer my questions and being a constant source of delight as you share your own pregnancy on your blog!!! Can’t wait to meet Baby D!!! 🙂

So. What about you moms out there!?!? Anything you’d like to add on becoming a mother??
Any tips for Heather since she’s only a few months away from mommy?

Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Lack of sleep is definitely something you will experience after becoming a mom. However, somehow I seem to be able to function on way less sleep than I could before becoming mommy. And the mommy guilt is something I struggle with. But you realize that you can only do your best and you will never be perfect.

  2. I haven’t slept 6 hours in a row for over 7 years now!!! Loved reading this post.
    I remember when we started talking to have a baby all I could see around me was pregnant ladies!!!!

  3. The other ladies are right about not getting much sleep…but after you have the baby God seems to bless you with the ability to feel pretty darn good after only a few hours of rest. Now when you have more than one kid that seems to go away, lol…it’s nearly impossible to not feel like a zombie when your baby never sleeps and your toddler gets up at 5:30 every day.
    Babies are great though…life is sooo much better with them around 🙂 They are so sweet and cuddly and have those awesome chunky thighs. They make life so much more meaningful and change your perspective on life completly.

    You should totally have one 😉

  4. Thanks so much, Ashley!