Fancy This Features 70

Hello Hello from Kayli! (:

I always love doing features. There are so many good ideas and projects. I could choose any of your links and not go wrong. But I’m feeling somewhat of a theme today, Spring has sprung! I always feel motivated and ready to cook and plant things and pretty up the yard and house and brighten things. So these are my choices!

First up is this super cute and super easy Easy Fabric Wreath from AliLilly. Homies, I’m a sucker for lady bugs and this speaks right to my heart. I’d love for this to meet me at my front door everyday. I love it!

Next up is something that will make you drool.  Kayla at Kayla’s Creations shows us how to make  Juicy Croissant Burgers. Mmmmm. That’s really all I can say about it. There are no words to describe how badly I wish that was sitting on my table right now.

And finally, a gorgeous Rag Quilt from over at Sew Fantastic. I love quilts, I love sewing. But I’ve been terrified of sewing a quilt. ha! But this makes it seem a million times less intimidating. And look at how pretty it is! Maybe I’ll make one this summer. (:

So there they are! Here’s a button for you pretty ladies! Happy Monday!

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OH! And by the way…
If you would click over and vote for Kassi’s Painted Gift Tins
They are in the running for March’s Finest over at To Sew With Love, that would be AWESOME of you!!! Thanks!!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature!! It made my day! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! =)
    -Kayla 🙂

  2. Thanks for the feature! just like kayla said it really made my day!!!!

  3. Yum! That croissant burger looks so delicious!

    • Right?! I was pretty much dying the whole time I was writing about it. I think blogging is like grocery shopping, don’t do it while you’re hungry. haha!

  4. That rag quilt is TOO CUTE!