Living Room Curtains

As promised I’m back today with info on the curtains from our living room before and after!

long curtains

Those are some LONG curtains peeps. 120 inchers to be exact! Before purchasing my curtains I researched like crazy!
Yeah, we all know that means I pretty much just searched for long curtains on Pinterest… but whatevs… 😉
It also included combing through every website I could think of for exactly what I wanted at exactly the price I was willing to pay!

{By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post… It’s just a site I liked and thought I’d share!}
I had seen mention of it first on this post from Decor Chick
Thank you Pinterest!

Source: via Kassi on Pinterest


Don’t you think her style of windows looks a little something similar to mine? Sort of.

Anyway, Curtain Works has all kinds of long curtains! There’s even separate pages depending on the length you need!

I ended up choosing these sailcloth, grommet topped curtains. They came in both the 120 inches that I needed for the taller windows and the 84 inches for the sitting room windows.

long curtains

Word to the wise… this website was the best deal for what I wanted. Long, dark brown, affordable curtains. BUT. They had other options that I liked but were sold out and NOT coming back. I emailed to ask. For real. SO, if you see something there that you like, get it.
Or it will be gone with no return!

As far as the curtains themselves, I’m quite happy with my purchase. They’re just heavy enough to block out the light from the top windows, and long and dark enough to add some drama to the rooms.
And come on… ANYTHING beats the before… 😉

pillows to block the sunYes, those ARE pillows. Don’t judge…. hahaha!

I got the extra long, extra sturdy curtains rods from non other than… Wal-Mart Online! I had them shipped to my store, so shipping was free, and they worked out perfectly!

cotton curtians

The only negative with our living room curtains? I ironed and ironed those puppies late into the night that I put them up…
(FYI, I put them up by myself! So you can too! Hubs was out of town.)
I washed and ran them through the dryer…
I tried the wrinkle release spray and it seemed to help a tiny bit… but really….
Those dang things are STILL wrinkled! I was hoping the weight would pull them out a little, and I guess it has…

Some people, (like Kayli) say you can’t even tell… But I can tell. I see those wrinkles every single day. Ha!

So… tips on getting them to be wrinkle free would be awesome!?!?

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  1. I love those curtains… now all I need is a house that I can buy some and put them in!

  2. Nadir@StitchSense says:

    Haha! You’re before looks like something I’d do! 😀 The new curtains look great!

  3. I LOVE them!! They really make the room look wonderful! So cool you used Emily’s pic as a reference!! Her curtains really do look that fabulous in person! 🙂

  4. They look great! The pillows in the window are too funny 🙂

  5. Oooooh pretty! Me like Me like!!! And I doubt anyone but you can see the wrinkles 🙂

  6. The pillows ARE funny! But what did you use to cover the upper windows? Are they part of your curtains also, or something else?

  7. Love the curtains. The dark color provides a really good contrast!