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Hi there pretty friends! 
We have a brand new Bloggie Bestie to introduce you to today!!!
Lauren of Warm & Fuzzy
She’s here to share a fun DIY idea with us! 🙂
Take it away Lauren….


Hello chickies! I am so thrilled to be hanging out with all of you today!
Kassi was so sweet to invite me to be a “Bloggie Bestie” this week.
When she emailed me, I{ JUMPED} at the chance!
I had a lot of projects that I wanted to get done and since Kassi had invited me here this was the perfect opportunity to get a start on one of them.
I pinned a few projects and this one was really needed in my home.
So here today I am going to share my DIY Personalized Coasters & Cup Holder.
With a little help from my hubs {he used the power tools}
I was able to complete this project in two days, only because I had to let the paint dry over night.
First I gathered my supplies. My paint, I wanted that {Pottery Barn} look to the paint so I used “colonial red.” I purchased the handles, two of them, and the tiles, one packages, from home depot. The board my husband made for me. It was pre measured to fit the handles and the tiles we bought. He even put two little feet on the bottom to make it stand off the kitchen counter, these would prove problematic later.
I took the board outside. Shook up the paint can and went to work. Please excuse my painting skills.
 I have none. 🙂 My hubs even made this makeshift hanging thingie so that I was able to get a full second coat on the board all at once. I let the piece dry overnight. See those little feet I spoke of earlier, we had to unscrew those so that we could add the handle, them screw them back on. No biggie- that’s because I wasn’t the one using the power tools 😉
Hubs made hole for the handle screws on each side with minimal help from me- I mean someone had to take pictures right? Then it was complete or so I thought. We thought it was to plain. So I decided to add some vinyl. Open upped my computer, picked a font I liked, and chose the letters for our first names: Daddy, Mommy, Eli, and Ben. Cut out my vinyl. Slapped it on. Rub it real good. Peel off nice and slow.
Ta Da! as my boys would say! We had a personalized cup holder with coasters! Its very simple to make if you have some extra wood lying around and someone handy with power tools as well.
Thanks to Kassi for letting me hang out here today. I hope to see many of your fabulous faces over at my space! Stop by and say hi!




I’m over at Lauren’s place sharing a fun post too! Hope you’ll pop over and say hi, then take a gander around her blog! She’s has some fun posts you won’t want to miss! 🙂
Thanks so much to Lauren for swapping with me today!
Have a lovely Thursday dolls!!!
Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Okay, I REALLY like this!! So cute!!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Isn’t it fun!?! Love the little initials for each person, don’t you!

  2. That is so cute and I LOVE how it’s a sippy cup on there 🙂 Totally my style

  3. Thats really cute!! I wish my BF had access to power tools, but then again I would be a little afraid of him around them!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Oh girl! You’ve gotta get him into power tools! 😉 Makes all those DIY projects you just have to have done work out so much better! haha.

  4. Love this! But I have a question? Any thing wrong with the woman using the power tools? 😉

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      No way!!! I’m all for doing it yourself! A hubs that can do it for you comes in super handy sometimes though!!! haha!

  5. Cute idea!! Very creative!