Fancy This Features #87

Hi friends!

Before we dive into this week’s features from Fancy This Fridays, there are two links I think you should absolutely check out… First is the RevolutionizeHer community! If you haven’t joined yet, you definitely should! Add me when you get there, I’d love to be your friend! 😉

AND this challenge from Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs is something that, at the very least, I think we should ALL think about…

OH! And before I forget, if you haven’t linked to the Sittin’ in the Sun Package Exchange Reveal, you can do so here. 🙂

Ok, now onto the features from this weekend…. 

First up, Kirstin of Craftiments designed some pretty new social media icons in a variety of colors. She’s offering them at her place for free!

Summer is the perfect time to serve a salad for dinner… especially if it’s a tasty cobb salad… Shannon of Cozy Home Scenes shared how to make the ULTIMATE Cobb Salad for your next get together!

And Shannah of Just Us Four fancied up a pretty step stool... Her little miss loves to choose her own outfits but couldn’t reach them in the closet… Problem solved!


Here’s a Featured on Truly Lovely button for you ladies! Don’t forget to check the projects pinned from this week and as of late over on the Featured on Truly Lovely pin board. 😉

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Thanks to all who linked last week!
Hope you’re enjoying this first week of August!
By the way, in case he stumbles across this someday… 😉
Happy Birthday to our brother, Brent!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out! I’m so thankful!

  2. WOW!! You always have the awesomest features, girl!! I still haven’t a Linkest Technicion (was that was I named it) LOL!! I love that stool, Alice could definitely use one.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      We have really AWESOME links to choose from!! 😉 I could definitely use a Linky Technician myself! haha!