Cowboy Baby Shower Chocolate Favors

Remember last week I promised a post on the Cowboy Chocolate Favors that I made for my best friend’s baby shower?
Well here you go! 😉

cowboy baby shower guest book frame

These were so, so fun to make and I was completely pleased with how they turned out!
It just so happened that a few weeks before the baby shower Kayli and I walked into JoAnn’s to find a sale on candy supplies! I got everything I needed to make these adorable favors for about $20!
The cowboy boot and hat chocolate molds came from here.

chocolate cowboy favors

I used Kayli’s method of melting chocolate…
A saucepan of boiling water, a pie pan on top, chocolate in the pie pan, stir until completely melted.

how to melt chocolate without an actual double broiler

Then I filled the candy squeeze bottle with the melted chocolate and then filled the candy molds. I didn’t need the squeeze bottle so much for the cowboy hats as they were a larger mold, but it was SO nice to have for filling the smaller boot molds!

candy squeeze bottle

A quick tap or two of the molds on the counter top and the chocolate smoothed right out! The molds went into the freezer for about five-eight minutes. Once I took them out they popped right out of the molds!

cowboy chocolate candy

I made both blue colored and brown chocolates. To package them I put a mix of blue and brown in a candy bag.

chocolate baby shower favors

I stamped some brown Kraft tags purchased from Pick Your Plum with a red ‘Thanks Friend’ stamp.
{Thanks to my sister in law, Brianne, for the stamp!!!}
And tied one tag around each bag of chocolates.

Cowboy Party Favors

To display the favors at the baby shower I used a rope basket from my wedding, a basket I snagged from my mom at some point {thanks mom!!} and some red paisley fabric…

favors for a cowboy baby shower

We handed one out to each guest at the end of Meghan’s baby shower to say thanks for coming.

If nothing else, Meg was impressed… She kept telling people, “Look, these are chocolate!
Her dad cracked me up… he told her, “Good… just what you need Meg.”
I couldn’t agree more… any pregnant mommy-to-be should have some chocolate!!! 😉

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. These are cute 🙂

  2. Those are adorable! Y’all did a great job!

  3. Mmmmm chocolate! These turned out AWESOME!!

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! These are ADORABLE!!! You did such a great job!

  5. These are the cutest!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Thanks Allison!!!! They were a blast to make! And my friend really seemed to love them!

  6. SERIOUS cuteness!! Love these favors Kassi!


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