Girls’ Night Out with Primp & Prep

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Girls’ night out has always been an important event on my calendar!
Every girl needs time with her girlfriends. Time to chat, primp, drink a fruity cocktail, dance with their hair down, music up! A huge part of girls’ nights with my friends, especially during college, was a yummy drink.
Hpnotiq was and still is our go to!

girls night out

I’m super excited to help one of my favorite drinks announce their new website!
Introducing Primp & Prep with Hpnotiq!!!


Primp & Prep is a brand new, one stop shop for your girls’ night preparations!! They have everything from beauty tips to cocktail recipes!
There’s even tips for all you single ladies on how to snag the hottest guy in the bar! 😉


One of my favorite features on the website is a built in Pandora music player featuring fun dance tunes to play while you and your girls are getting ready to go out!
Just imagine you and your girls mixing up a fun drink featuring Hpnotiq or the new Harmonie liqueur and jamming to some fun songs while you get ready for a night on the town!! How fun is that!?!


Before you had to either get ready in silence… which is beyond lame… or have someone keep changing the music to keep things upbeat. The Primp & Prep Pandora station does that for you. 🙂

I’ve gotta say I am really excited to try the new cocktail recipes as well! Like I said, my friends and I are already  fans of Hpnotiq and can’t wait to try Harmonie!

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What about you?? How do you and your girls get ready for Girls’ Night Out?

If you have a few minutes to check out the Primp & Prep website, I’d love to know what you think and what your favorite feature is??
Also, I’d love to hear your favorite Hpnotiq drink! I’m a fan of cranberry juice and Hpnotiq. 😉

Have fun lovelies! And please drink responsibly!!!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. GNO’s are essential! It doesn’t matter if you’re single, divorced, pregnant, wanna-be pregnant, married, non married and preggo….friendships are key! Women give other women what frankly men can’t…lal. I’ve learned through all my ups and downs that when I’m “down”…the only way “up” is to laugh with my gals.

    -Leaza in Denver

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Right!?! Don’t know what I would do without some time with my girls!!! Thanks for the visit today Leaza!!!

  2. I haven’t had a girl’s night out in forever. Probably because I don’t have any girlfriends. Lol I think that needs to change.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      YES!!! You need some girlfriends for sure!!! I don’t have as many as I used to either… definitely something to work on!

  3. how fun! looks like you gals had a blast!

  4. I feel very glad to see this photos! Awesome too.