Happy Birthmonth Kassi! Sister Wish Box

Happy Thursday friends! I know this is up a little late, but this is what happens when you go to school! (:

So this is one of our final installments in Kassi’s Birthmonth Party on the blog. I wanted to finish off with a fun tutorial for how to make a sister Wish Box. I made this for Kassi for part of her birthday gift and it was fairly easy. The idea is- I made a paper box and then I wrote down wishes I have for my sister. I made one for every year old she is, then I added a few little whimsical things: confetti, tissue paper, a ribbon. And I put the wishes in the box and tied them up for her to read as she wanted.

So this is how it’s done. Prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures because these paper boxes are no joke.

Starting with a practice box is HIGHLY recommended.

You’ll need two pieces of scrapbook paper. (It needs to be square, but make sure it isn’t stiff, you’ll be doing lots of folding and stiff paper pulls and makes rough edges)

Start with the paper you want to use for the bottom of your box.

Step 1: Fold your paper in half, print side in. Then unfold it and fold it using the other sides, print in still, so that you have two lines. See the line from my first fold in the middle?

Step 2: Unfold your paper so that it is laying flat, pattern down. Take a corner of the paper and bring it to the middle of the paper so that it matches the corner your folds in step one made. Then fold it down.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with your remaining corners so that your paper looks like this.

Step 4: Leaving your paper just like it is (no unfolding yet) take one side and fold it in so that it touches where all of your corners meet, like this.

 Step 5: Take the opposite side and fold it in so that it matches with step 4 like this.

Step 6: Now open the two flaps you just folded, and then unfold your paper so that it looks like this. (Note that the corners that are still down have no folds in them yet.)

Step 7: Now take one straight of you paper and fold it in like this so that the edge of your fold matches the tip of the corner still down.

Step 8: Repeat Step 7 with the other side like this.

Step 9: Now release the two flaps you just folded so that your paper looks like this.

Step 10: Now it’s time to actually form the box by pulling in one of your ends like this. Then push the corner down so that it lays in the bottom of your box.

Step 11: Repeat step 10 with the other side.

To make the top of your box you’ll do the exact same thing with only two alterations. For Step 4 and Step 5 you won’t fold completely into the middle but out a little farther like this.

like my sad doodle arrow? I tried. haha

Then for Step 7 and Step 8 you’ll want to do the same thing and fold out a little farther again like this.

This will make the top of your box a little bigger so that it fits over the bottom.

Then fill your box with wishes, confetti, and a little bit of tissue paper and voila!

So there it is! Should you decide to go on an epic, box-making journey; let me know how it goes for you!

And happy, happy, happy birthday sister.



  1. Oh my gosh this is the sweetest and most creative gift ever. You guys are so sweet! I need to tell my sister she’s slacking in the awesome department!

  2. Awesome job Kayli! I have made those little boxes before and they are so cute, and I love how you filled it 🙂

  3. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    Great tutorial Kayli!!!! I might can even follow this and make you something cute someday…. 😉 FYI, your doodle arrow ROCKS!!!! So does my wishes… I’ve read them all now and they have a place of honor on my desk hutch. 😉