Just a litte vent… Or two…

Hey there friends. Today I am coming to you with two very serious topics… The first… Why is there NOT a pregnancy section in each and every pharmacy!?! And the second… Why is it so hard to find maternity pants in a longer length!?!

OK, so maybe neither of those are that serious of a topic, but to preggo ladies with a cold or long legs it can be a dire situation. πŸ˜‰ At least it was for me… Fairly early on in my pregnancy I received the flu shot, I know that can be a touchy subject with people, but my doctor recommended it, I’ve had the flu before and did not like it, so I chose to get the shot. Shortly thereafter the hubs caught a nasty flu/cold thing and honestly I wasn’t too worried. I just got the shot, I was feeling pretty good, so I just held out that I wouldn’t catch it.


20 week baby bump

But catch it I did… Ugh. I was tired, achy, had a horrible cough… My doctor gave me a list of medicines that are approved during pregnancy so armed with that list and a little internet research Nate and I headed to the pharmacy in town. I am not even kidding when I say we could not find a single thing that exactly matched the medicines on the list from my doctor. We finally found one thing that was fairly similar, so I took it to the pharmacist and asked if it was ok for pregnancy… He HAD TO LOOK IT UP! He had no idea… Then he tells me that it’s a level such on such on a level of something or other, which basically meant that yeah, it MIGHT be ok…

22 weeks

22 weeks baby bump

Such a pain in the neck! #firstworldproblems I don’t understand why there isn’t at least a small section especially designated for pregnant women at every pharmacy. Ok, I get that some doctors recommend certain medicines that others do not… So it might be hard to get a comprehensive list of items recommended, but there has to be an easier way to get a little cold relief while pregnant! Am I right!?! In the end I found some cough drops, drank a lot of fluids and basically slept for two days straight to feel better… and I finally did so take that for what it’s worth… haha.

{Please don’t take any of this too seriously… I don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s mostly the hormones talking… πŸ˜‰}

Which brings me to my second vent… I’ve always been a long legged gal… I’ve had trouble finding jeans long enough for my legs as long as I can remember. BUT it’s completely doable. Maternity jeans on the other hand are a completely different issue!!! First of all, I put a plea out on twitter for someone to recommend some longer maternity jeans. I had a few good recommendations to check out. At least one person asked if I really needed jeans in the summer. In Arizona no less. And the answer to that is yes. With our lifestyle I wear boots a lot. My husband ropes a lot. Most of the time I need at least one pair of jeans to get me through just one weekend! So I was on the quest for one pair of long maternity jeans.

27 weeks

27 week baby bump

Long story short I FINALLY found some (shown in the photo above)!!! I looked online for days… I asked around. Finally I found this pair from Motherhood Maternity on amazon.com and decided I’d give them a try {FYI, that’s not an affiliate link or anything, I just like the jeans and wanted to share}. They were the longest inseam I could find (34.5) that weren’t over $100 for one pair of maternity jeans. Seriously! I won’t pay that much for a pair I’ll wear out much less a pair that I’ll only wear for the next three months!!! I normally wear a 36 or even 38 inch inseam, in case you were wondering. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 34.5 inches was plenty long enough! Even with boots! Happy day! But come on, there have to be more long legged ladies out there looking for longer maternity jeans, yes?? #preggoproblems

So what about you? Did/do you have any random vents associated with pregnancy??

{Again, please don’t take this as me being unhappy with being pregnant!! I am thrilled to be carrying my baby girl and experiencing everything that goes along with it. This is just a stab at a little preggo humor!}

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  1. hehehe awwww i understand the need to vent during pregnancy. I was constantly uncomfortable and frustrated when pregnant. definitely has something to do with the hormones! Glad you found some good jeans though! comfy clothes are key!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      OH I agree! I am all about being comfortable when I’m not pregnant, but now it’s a thousand times worse! If I could get away with wearing workout sweats and a tee every day I would… Some days I do. haha.

  2. I was lucky enough to be pregnant in the summer so I lived in shorts and when I needed to wear pants I just rolled them up because I had NONE that were long enough.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I was SO glad I found the one pair that I did. The rest of the maternity bottoms that I have are capris, shorts or skirts. Like we talked about on twitter, shout out @bybreenah!!! ;), I had to have at least one pair.

  3. You look so cute! We have had such a postive experience with Motherhood brand! I could go on and on about their clothes, but especially about their service and attention to detail – at least in the one near our home. ‘Love that store! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I would LOVE to actually visit a store! There’s zero maternity stores in my area, so it’s online shopping for me… But it would be fun to browse an entire collection all in one place!

  4. Hahaha, I have a 38″ inseam, and could only find ONE PAIR of maternity jeans that may or may not have fit (mommylonglegs.com). I went to motherhood maternity and their “longs” (the 36″ inseams) looked like stupid ankle pants. I eventually settled for maternity leggings and boots when it was cold here. I’m still wearing 2 pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans and just rock the belly band with them. Thank goodness I had a couple pairs of pants that were too big for me before I was pregnant (that’ll also come in handy right after I have this baby and am trying to lose the baby weight – no one wants to see me attempting to squeeze back into my old jeans). Ugh. Pregnancy fashion woes. I finally caved and went to motherhood maternity for some nice dressy capris to wear to work, because I literally had NOTHING to wear, it was so frustrating! Okay, sorry, this has turned into a ranting novel of a comment. lol suffice it to say… I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I was doing the same thing for a really long time, wearing old pants with the belly band, or pants that were too big to begin with… But I’ve finally reached the point that those options weren’t working so well anymore. I still have one pair that I can wear with the belly band, but the maternity jeans I found are much more comfortable and I don’t feel like I am pulling them back up all day! πŸ˜‰ Ah the curse of the long legs!!!

  5. Awwww I feel that pharmacy vent completely! It’s so hard finding something exactly like the doctor said.

    My vent – people’s opinions & how they felt we should raise our child bah!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Ooh good one! So far I haven’t come across anyone sharing their opinion that openly. I think I’ve been pretty adamant about certain things and for the most part people have respected that… But it’s still early so I’m sure my time will come!

  6. I’ll tell you what, maternity clothes have definitely become better from when I was preggers with my oldest 22 yrs ago and compared to my youngest 6 yrs ago. Although, a local boutique asked me to model their maternity jeans on a tv segment with my last pregnancy…loved them b/c they were long enough for my 36″ inseam. But holy cow, they were more expensive than my Miss Me jeans that I could wear for 5 yrs! It’s hard as it is finding clothes that don’t feel too bunchy when you feel constantly “bunchy”.
    You look wonderful and gorgeous, btw!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      That’s exactly what my mom said… haha. She wished they had some of the cuter options back when she was pregnant. Even friends that were pregnant just a few years ago say there are WAY cuter options now! And I completely agree. I WILL not pay that much for something I won’t wear for very long! I won’t pay that much for something I’ll wear all the time… I’m cheap that way I guess. Frugal is a better word…. hahaha

  7. The cursed pregnancy cold! I got one when I was about 4 months pregnant and I could NOT shake it! I also had a hard time finding an over the counter cold medicine that okay to take. I ended up going to the ER one day because I was having a hard time breathing & had been sick for a month or more. The doctor ended up putting me on amoxicillin (kind of like penicillin) and I was better within a week! I remember kicking myself for not seeing the doctor sooner lol. The one symptom I had throughout my whole pregnancy was nasal congestion! I used soooo many saline rinses and I was stuffed up right until I delivered my daughter, and by the next day my congestion was gone haha! The body is so axing and strange when it’s pregnant πŸ™‚ glad your cold went away on its own and fairly quickly!!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Ah yes, the nasal congestion… I’ve had that as well. And everyone tells me that it gets worse right up until delivery… Gotta say I’m really looking forward to the demise of that side effect!!!

  8. I always have the opposite problem, I’m 5’3″ and all my pants are WAY too long. lol. And especially with the maternity jeans I got from Motherhood Maternity. They fit really good through the hips but were super long so I had to roll them all of the time. #shortgirlproblems πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for linking up!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      It’s always something, isn’t it!?! πŸ™‚ Seems like there could be a happy medium once in awhile!!! Thanks for the visit!!!!

  9. It is a shame that there in’t more convenience put into place for pregnant ladies. It wouldn’t only help the to be mothers but the Dads too.


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