Kayli’s Twenty Wishes Progress Report – April 2013

Happy April! (: This month has been so fun- Kassi crossed off a few things, (Getting to see George Strait included.) And I’ve been a pretty happy camper lately, mainly because school is wrapping up for the year and I am SO excited for a break! Hopefully a lot of these undone wishes will get crossed off when summer finds its way back to me. 😉

And as always- remember that if you haven’t started yet- not a big deal! The point is for it to be fun and open- you can absolutely still join us! Just write up your list and grab a button here! If you’re looking for the link up, it’s still open here.

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Here’s how things are going with my list!

All progress/updates from the first month are in red, February updates are in purple, and April updates are in blue.

Kayli’s Twenty Wishes by December 2013

1. Grow a garden. (Like really grow one. Keeping the weeds out and tending it to it and all!)

2. Start playing the guitar.

3. Make and send valentines.

My roommate and I made some this weekend! So the sending part is stalling out a little bit. I WILL be sending them- they might be a few days late but they’ll get there! (:

Sent one or two. I’m just excited I actually made them!

4. Buy my first pair of converse.

5. Make meditation a habit. (Not necessarily the kind of meditation you’re thinking, just learning to be.)

I’ve started this one- it’s been sort of difficult because adding a new habit is hard- but I have time to improve.
I have to admit I’m not doing a very good job of this, but I’m trying- a little at a time. (:
Guys, why is this one so hard?! haha I always forget! I’m going to try breaking it down by week, we’ll see if things get any better by next month!

6. Finish an embroidery project. (Like pillowcases, or a dresser scarf or something.)

I actually finished my first pillowcase AND I’ve done another little small project- but I won’t cross this off until I finish my other pillowcase (:

7. Learn the alphabet in American Sign Language.

I started this one too! I had them all memorized for like a week and now I forget a few, so I still need to rehearse to keep it in my long term memory- but we’re getting there!

8. Reread the entire Harry Potter series.

Planning to start The Sorcerer’s Stone soon and work on this once school is out! 🙂

9. Paint again! (And maybe try something super abstract)

10. Sleep under the stars.

11. Read at least one C.S. Lewis book.

12. Buy 1 FULL outfit that I really love and maybe wouldn’t buy otherwise.

13. Get a professional best friend photo shoot done with Sara.

14. Go fishing in the evening off of the dock.

15. Do the Color Run!

All signed up and ready to go in January! (:
Went and LOVED it!!! It rained the whole time and it rocked. Seriously, there was color everywhere and music and people were dancing and yelling and it was THE. BEST.

16. Spend an entire day riding horses PURELY for fun- wherever I feel like going.

17. Throw someone a full on party- birthday or just because.

(I just changed this one because I like this wish better! You can see what I replaced it with by going to my original list here.)

18. Go to the Catwalk.

19. Learn to bake homemade bread!

20. Donate, even if it’s just a little, to a cause that I really believe in. (I’ll be doing lots of research for this one! (; )


And that’s it for this month! I am an advocate of baby steps! ha How is YOUR list coming a long?


  1. Love reading all the progress posts…even though I totally missed the March post…oops…sorry!
    Hope you ladies are fine and enjoying your week so far!
    Hugs xxx

    • Oh don’t even sweat it Chrissy, I didn’t do a progress report in March because I hadn’t made much progress! haha Hope you’re having a great week too lovely!! (:

  2. Way to go, Kayli! I love reading everyone’s list and their progress! ‘So motivational! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Thanks lady! (: I totally agree- definitely makes me want to get more things crossed off so I keep up! Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    So I have completely decided that I am going to be one of those moms that reads their kid the Harry Potter books for bedtime stories while she’s still in her crib. Just sayin… 😉

    • Dude, yes! Gotta get her started on being awesome from an early age. 😉 I’m excited to turn her into a nerd before her daddy realizes what’s happening and tries to stop me. hahaha

  4. I’m agree with all the progress and so I really enjoy reading of them(all the progress). Thank you for your ideas,always always these are so great.I hope you have a happy day.

  5. Let’s hear it for progress! I’m counting down the days to my summer break, too, Kayli. 🙂 Hang in there!
    xo Heidi

  6. Great progress! The paint run looks like it was a blast. I have a bad knee and can’t really run, so Im a bit jealous. Many of my friends ran that race in my hometown.

    • Oh man- it was fun! Luckily for us (and maybe you if you’re up to it) You can walk the Color Run 🙂 It was definitely a blast!


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