Blackberry Z10 Keep Moving Party

We’ve all seen the old Blackberry devices, right? When I think of those I think of big and clunky with the small push button keyboard. Well, the new Blackberry Z10 now available at Verizon Wireless is nothing short of sleek and stylish! Plus it has all kinds of amazing new features!


As part of the Verizon VIP Crowd on Crowdtap I was recently given the opportunity to test out a brand new Blackberry Z10 and share it with a few friends at a Blackberry Z10 Keep Moving party.

Blackberry Z10

Prior to the party I created an event on Facebook to share information and invite friends to the party. The group also included several poll questions and a request for a photo from each of my guests that described ‘What keeps them moving?’

Shown below is a few examples of the poll questions asked in the Facebook event group. As incentive to get guests to fill out the poll questions a Blackberry USB pen was offered as a giveaway prize to everyone that participated.


When I received my party package I was able to load my information like Facebook account, twitter account, etc. onto the phone to test out it’s features. One of the things I was most impressed with was the photo editing capabilities. My iPhone 4S has basic editing features like cropping and red eye reduction. But the Blackberry Z10 goes above and beyond that with filters and effects already preloaded into the phone! In other words, you don’t NEED an app for that!

For example here’s a photo I took of clouds above the mountain near my house. After editing it within the Blackberry Z10 photo editor using the auto enhance feature and the contrast feature we get an ominous looking storm out of some crazy sci-fi movie versus a normal cloudy sky! Cool, right?


I was also really impressed with the Story Maker app that allows you to edit your photos and videos into a movie with background music and everything! I tested it out by making a photo tutorial of a craft I had completed recently. You can see it here: DIY Baby Closet Dividers.

At the party itself I had planned on taking my guests out for drinks after my baby shower in May… but by the time the shower was over and everything was unloaded at my house everyone was ready to just stay in and relax… So instead we purchased a few drinks and snacks from the nearby grocery store and hung out at home to check out the Blackberry Z10.

Blackberry Z10 party

Blackberry USB Pen

As I shared earlier each guest was asked to send me a photo of what kept them moving. I had several guests participate so with their photos I made another Story Maker movie. At the party I also filmed a short clip of everyone waving at the camera and then showed everyone how easy it is to edit a movie by adding in the clip I had just taken. Here’s the finished video…

Overall everyone had a great time checking out the new Blackberry Z10, learning about all the cool new features and getting to spend some time together. So glad I invited all my tech savvy friends who were able to ask questions that I hadn’t even thought about!

Your turn: Are you a Blackberry user? Will you be trying the Blackberry Z10 anytime soon? Or have you tried it already? What were your thoughts?

Kassi @ Truly Lovely