Maternity Leave – Giant Bubbles

Hey there friends! While I’m away loving on my brand new baby girl and all the stuff that comes with it I have asked a few friends to BABY sit Truly Lovely! They each have a fun post to share with you to give you a little something to hold you over until I can come back and share cute baby pics and the like… 😉 So please share a little love with each guest poster here and be sure to click over and check out their blogs!

Today’s guest is Bobbi of Dats So Cute. She is sharing a fun activity to do with the kiddos this summer!!

Take it away Bobbi….


There are so many great things about summer that I love!  One of the main things is spending time with my boys, and finding inexpensive fun!  For those of you with boys, you understand that they are always doing something, they don’t just sit and read or chill, so I’m always trying to think of things that I enjoyed as a kid to keep them entertained.
Last spring we had the pleasure of having giant bubbles made for us, and not only did the boys love them, all of the adults did too.  When we went to the beach last summer, they were once again a huge hit!  We enjoyed them so much we had to get the recipe for them, and I thought I’d share them with all of you! 
What you’ll need:
1 gallon of Distilled Water
2 tubes of KY Jelly
1 bottle of original dawn (THE BLUE KIND)
1 large disposable pan
butterfly nets (cutting all but a little bit off)
It’s very important that you use exactly these things and not make any exceptions, trust me, I tried and they didn’t work.  
Pore the water in the pan first, then add the KY, lastly the bottle of ORIGINAL DAWN.  Lightly mix with the wand, when you lift the wand, slowly raise in the air and huge beautiful bubble arise.




Everyone that walked past couldn’t help but stop and either pop one, or ask to make them.  They are fun for all ages!
I hope you all enjoy!
Come by and check out the blog sometime, new posts are coming soon!
Thank you Kassi for letting me post over here today!  Congratulations to you and your family on your new bundle of joy!  Enjoy every second, they grow way to fast!
Thanks so much Bobbi! What a fun idea this is!! Don’t forget to pop over to her place and say hello friends!
Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Bubbles are so much fun! ‘Hope you are enjoying your little girl! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Aren’t they!?! Everyone loves bubbles! 😉 I really am… She is such a blessing!!!