1 Month!

Yesterday was Klara’s one month birthday! We went for her one month checkup and she’s growing well and is a happy healthy baby girl! Can’t ask for more than that!


1 month stats:

  • 9 lbs 1 oz (up from 8 lbs 2 oz when she was born)
  • 21 inches long (up from 19 when she was born)

Other fun facts:

Klara likes riding in her car seat. She doesn’t like getting put in, but once she’s in she just chills out. Even on the ride home from the hospital she was as calm as she could be! We have since purchased a padded body support and car seat strap covers because the one that comes with the car seat provides next to no support for someone so tiny!!! I rode in the back seat with her on the way home and supported her little head myself. The supports we got work like a charm though! I really recommend getting those for new mamas!!! {You can see it in use in 2 photos down.}

Klara's Ride Home

Klara likes to sleep with her hands above her head. Every time her daddy sees her like that he sings, “We are the champions”. 😉 We’ve decided she’s just practicing so she can be a champion team roper, barrel racer, ball player, whatever she wants to be!!!


This month we took her first walk in the stroller and made her first trip down to see the horses! It’s just behind our house, but it was a milestone to introduce her to the rest of our “family”. 😉

Klara's First Walk

She also went on her first road trip this month! We drove all the way to Nana Lillie and Papa Russell’s house, 2.5 hours away. Klara did really well the first hour or so of the trip, then decided she was hungry and fussy… I made the mistake of not taking my breast pump or planning ahead and pumping beforehand, so that was a learning experience. But we made it! While there we took her to her first Luna Pioneer Day Parade with Nana and Papa. She slept the entire time, but it was fun to take her on her first real public outing! While we were there Klara also received her baby blessing, you can see more photos from that here. Happy bonus, she slept the entire ride back home!

Klara's First Luna Parade

It’s crazy to realize that it’s already been a month since she was born. The time feels like it has flown by! But it also feels like she has always belonged with us. I’m so glad she decided to come two weeks early so we could get a head start on getting to know her… we’ve already loved her from the time we found out she was coming. Excited to see what fun new things she gets to experience in month two!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. What a sweet little blessing! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. She’s such a beauty, Kassi!

  3. Hi Kassi , I’m so glad to see your daughter , she ‘s gorgeous .

  4. Such a little cutie! Cherish each and every moment with her as it will go by faster than you know.