Duck Tape® Back to School Bag

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It's that time of the year yet again… Time to get the kiddos ready to go back to school! When I think of the items on a traditional school supply list Duck Tape® doesn't normally come to mind… BUT after doing a little Pinterest research I discovered that Duck Tape® can be used for all kinds of back to school crafts! Plus you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart while you're purchasing all of your other school must haves!!!

Since my daughter is only 5 weeks old we have quite a while before we have to worry about sending her off to school, but if she were headed to school this year I would LOVE to help her create a fun Duck Tape® school bag to carry her other school supplies in!

Duck Tape Back to School Bag

You can find the entire tutorial for this cute Duck Tape® bag on the Little Birdie Secrets blog. It looks easy enough to recreate and only requires a few materials. A plastic bag for the lining, some fun designed rolls of Duck Tape® and scissors.

Just think how durable a bag made of Duck Tape® would be compared to a run of the mill, fabric school bag. Your kiddos are gauranteed to stand out with a school bag unlike anyone else's because Duck Tape® comes in a variety of styles and colors! There's no chance of getting their bag mixed up with another kiddo's in the rush to leave school at the end of the day!

While you're at it you could use the left over Duck Tape® to customize their pencil cases, lunch boxes, even pens and pencils! Now that I think about it Duck Tape® sounds like a necessary school supply item to me!! 😉 Again, don't forget to add it to your back to school shopping list and pick up a few rolls at Wal-Mart!!

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  1. Um, WHOA. Seriously. That’s some crazy talent right there.
    I need to get some tape asap and try this out.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Isn’t that bag neat!?! I have some tape I just need to sit down and try it! I want a bag like that for my self! 😉 Thanks for the visit today Erika!!!

  2. What a sweet bag! I’m amazed at what some people can do with a roll of duct tape!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Right!? You can make all kinds of fun things with it!!! Thanks for visiting today friend!!!