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Hey there friends! Do you suffer from allergies and of course the resulting, not so pretty, Allergy Face?? I know I do… and Kayli… Well the poor chick is allergic to almost everything. Really, ask her! My allergies tend to be seasonal. When visiting my parents in the mountains during the spring months they really flare up. One of Kayli's worst allergies is hay… In our family of ranchers that feed our horses and cattle hay year round that can really be a problem… But Kayli and the rest of us allergy sufferers don't have to suffer with our allergy faces any longer!

Zyrtec, the #1 allergist recommended brand among OTC oral antihistamines, can make you feel better while a few easy ALLERGY FACE makeup tips will help you lose the yucky allergy face for good! Here's a short video of tips from Rebekah George on making that allergy face disappear!

Check out this allergies by the numbers infographic… There are several interesting stats here, but did you realize you're not supposed to keep makeup for longer than a year!?! Even shorter for certain types of makeup. If you plan to follow any of the tips shared above it's a good idea to have makeup that hasn't reached it's use by date! You can see those at the bottom of the graphic below.

One of MY go-to methods for combating ALLERGY FACE is a cold cloth or compress. When I have swollen, red, itchy eyes a cool cloth laid on my face before applying makeup is a sure way to make the swelling go down a bit and freshen up my face. Plus, it just makes me feel better!!  Check out Zyrtec on Facebook to find more tips and tricks for fighting allergy yuckiness!!!

Your turn: What are some of your beauty tips for tackling ALLERGY FACE???

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  1. Good tips on that infographic. I’m so guilty of keeping my makeup too long! It still works, right? LOL.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      OH me too!!! I hope it works, cause I have a lot of it in my makeup bag… haha