Spice Up Family Nights with Mexican-Themed Bingo

This is a guest post.

Most people know about Cinco de Mayo. What some don’t realize is that it is in fact not Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla. Mexican Independence Day is actually on September 16th, which also kicks off the Hispanic Heritage Month. Those who want to spice up their September with a bit of Mexican flavor can join in the celebrations with a Mexican-themed bingo party.

Bingo has long been one of the go-to activities for family get-togethers. Now’s the perfect time to throw a bingo party, what with the recent surge in the game’s popularity. Be it at churches, clubs, or binguez, more and more people are once again coming together for a night of bingo.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your Mexican-themed family bingo night special without breaking the bank. Most of the bingo equipment you need can be made at home. You can even have a pre-bingo night DIY day and have everyone join in. Here are a couple of great resources that you can use:

1. DIY bingo bag on Cutoutandkeep – All you need is a pattern, fabric, and some sewing tools. For extra flavor, use brightly-colored fabric printed with geometric designs.
2. DIY bingo cards on Tip Junkie – You can find a whole slew of printable bingo cards here. You can stick with the classic numbered bingo cards, but you can also substitute the numbers with Spanish words and pictures. That way everybody learns something while having fun.
3. DIY bingo ball and mixer – For the balls, all you need are ping pong balls and a marker. The cage requires a bit of work, though. Here’s a tutorial on eHow.

When your bingo equipment is done and ready to go, don’t forget to prepare some Mexican food as well. If you don’t know any taco, nachos, or enchilada recipes, don’t order take-out just yet. Stick to the DIY spirit. You can find a whole load of great recipes on the net. Just have fun with it and make sure you enjoy your Mexican-themed bingo night.