Kayli’s Twenty Wishes – 2014

We’re here! 2014! Here’s my new list (with a few wishes that didn’t get completed in 2013.)

We hope you’ll join TOMORROW by linking up your own list of wishes.

1. Buy a pair of TOMS.

2. Take a cake decorating or chocolatier class. Or both.

3. Get a pink or purple streak in my hair.

4. Go to Julienne Jewelery.

5. Reread Harry Potter.

6. Donate Blood.

7. Switch my phone to Spanish for a full week.

8. Pay for a stranger’s order in the drive-thru.

9. Try archery.

10. Paint something. Anything!

11. Upgrade my phone.

12. Go to a Karaoke night with the girls.

13. Move. Either to a new apartment or into a house.

14. Read The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

15. Go to Graham’s.

16. Do the Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour.

17. Set up and go on at least one double date. They’re so fun!

18. Start a letter album for Klara.

19. Finish my quilt top.

20. Learn how to play Poker.

There there are! Hopefully this year will be more successful than the last!



  1. Great list! Hmmm… I don’t know how to play poker! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Thanks Marci! And my brother is great at it but I have yet to learn! It might come in handy one day. 🙂