Klara’s First Build a Bear

One of the wishes on my 20 wishes for 2014 list was to take Klara to Build a Bear and make her her very own bear. I have always wanted to go and make one for myself. We never lived close to one, so I hadn’t ever had the chance… But during The Color Run weekend in January while we were in Tempe, we made a special trip to the Chandler Mall just to visit Build a Bear so I could make a bear for my daughter!

photo 1

With the help of her aunties Kayli, Arina and Brianne we chose a bear and got to fill her with fluff. We even picked out a little heart and helped Klara give it a kiss so it could go inside her bear.

We picked out a cute little country girl dress and hair bows. We also chose a pair of brown cowgirl boots for Klara’s cowgirl bear. You wouldn’t believe the deliberation that went into choosing her bear’s outfit! It was serious business! ;)

Mommy and Klara outside Build a Bear

Mommy and Klara outside Build a Bear

Klara already loves her bear. To be honest she was a little intimidated at first, but now she’s warmed up to her and I’m sure they’ll be the best of friends. ;)

photo 4

And it was just as fun getting to build a bear for my daughter as I always thought it would be! It’s definitely a fun outing I’d like to take her on again sometime when she’s older and can choose her own bear and accessories.

#4 on my 20 wishes list and #20 on my 30 Before 30 list are officially marked off! I obviously really wanted to do this since I had it on both lists! :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. Aaaww… ‘So cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Awww!! I’ve always wanted a Build a Bear, but I think I want one for Elsie more, now! What a fun idea. :)

  3. Dear Kassi ,Your daughter is lovely girl .Thank you so much :)

  4. Aw, so cute and how fun! We love Build a Bear, Leonie had a whole shelf full of all different kinds of them! Super cute photos! xxx

  5. I love Build a Bear and hopefully one day Benjamin may get his own little bear to call his friend


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