Flowers for the Win!!!

What lady wouldn’t love to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers especially for her sent all the way from South America!?! Yep, I can’t think of a single one… Featured in US Weekly, Oprah’s WOW List, Forbes Magazine and more, The Bouqs is a website where you can choose a beautiful floral bouquet, have it shipped where ever you’d like for FREE and really make someone’s day, week, etc. 😉

The Bouqs Floral Bouquets

Pretty pink roses arrived on my doorstep after I chose the Desperado bouquet to review. You guys, I made the mistake of having it set where I needed to sign for the roses for them to be delivered… I was gone from my house for like an hour tops and of course, FedEx came… SO as it turned out my roses were even delivered a DAY LATE! Via, no fault of anyone but my own. So I was worried they’d be droopy and less than vibrant when I opened the box. BUT THEY WEREN’T! A day late and still beautiful!

The Bouqs Company Review

Just in case you were wondering, they come shipped in a cardboard box, wrapped in brown packing paper and plastic and they include a special little packet of stuff (not sure what it is exactly) to keep the roses moist so they look amazing when they arrive.

The Bouqs Review

There are instructions included on the box that tell you exactly how to fix your bouquet to get the longest life. I followed the instructions to the t and my roses lived for well over a full week! In fact, as you can see in the photo below taken four days after the roses were delivered, they had opened and were looking even prettier than they did on the day they were delivered!

Send a Bouquet for free shipping

My experience with ordering from The Bouq’s Company website was pleasant. The hardest part was literally choosing which of their beautiful floral bouquets to get. You choose the bouquet, the size, the date you’d like it delivered and that’s basically it. The whole thing can take about five minutes!

The Bouqs Rose Close Up

So yep, for that next special occasion or just to say hey, thinking of you, I definitely recommend The Bouq’s!

What are your favorite flowers to receive?

Disclosure: I received a bouquet from The Bouq’s Company in exchange for my honest review and opinion. As always the thoughts shared here are 100% my own. This post includes affiliate links.
Kassi @ Truly Lovely